Tuesday, April 15, 2014

february 2014

get-aways, visitors, valentines day, long snow weekend, learning to read. . .
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the fowlers came for a quick froyo visit on their way to the coast
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lucia read green eggs and ham 2 billion times
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i joined aaron on a quick business trip to business trip to arizona
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grammy and grampy came for valentines day and we had a fun family date at powells
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home made valentines
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keagans valentines this year and retro fun dip. . kinkade went with his go to pop rocks!
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superbowl fun - go hawks!
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awesome girls weekend in santa barbara - heaven on earth! 
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this literally was our view from the beach house. . incredible 
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our gymnast
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lazy afternoons

Friday, February 21, 2014

family. sunshine. ocean.

this could be my favorite day since we have moved to oregon.  on a whim adam and cathy invited us to head to the coast the next day b/c there was no school and it was supposed to be sunny.  we had basketball team plans, but decided that youth sports were not going to rule our life and we needed a family day. so we joined them and got up the next morning on a whim and drove to the coast.  it was glorious in every way, simply good for my soul.  the hiking was fun and the perfect length for everyone, even a 4 year old, the sun shone all day, the dogs had the time of their life, the cousins ran and laughed and the adults enjoyed a day of sun, family, and the beautiful ocean.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

cousin adventures in portland

the highlight of moving to portland has been adventures with our cousins.  there is something unique and special about cousin relationships that has been amazing to watch.  thank God they are here! week long hiking and camping trip, gondola rides, city park pictures, trip to eugene for a tour of university of oregon. . . .
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

january 2014

it feels like every january i have a post like this. . creative play inside.  keagan has been making pies, emery has been making play dough, lucia has been busy drawing, legos are everywhere, and we are getting caught up on appointments after the holidays.
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