Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Seaside Soccer in the Sand

We had a wonderful weekend with friends at the Soccer in the Sand tournament in Seaside.  We stayed with the Ginthers in an incredible cabin and the boys loved playing soccer in the sand.  They played awesome all weekend and ended up second by one goal! We were proud of how hard they played and how much fun they had! Highlights were - big fathers day seafood boil, late night campfires, clam digging, and lots of soccer!
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

school year endings

well. . we made it through our first school year living in Portland. i am so proud of the kids.  they rallied, made friends, try out for new teams, and were brave over and over again.  it was not easy, but we did it. we first celebrated with a family date day at a really awesome warm springs resort called kah-nee-tah! we met new friends up there and spent the day swimming, playing and eating!
 photo IMG_7944_zps0605fa02.jpg
 photo IMG_7940_zps666e1fa8.jpg
these two girls managed to win the two big contests - biggest splash and best cannon ball. sometimes being really cute helps:)
 photo IMG_7911_zpsdaed54f4.jpg
Lucia made so much growth this year in Public Kinder.  She was lost in the crowd of 33 kids her the first 4 months and it was painful for all of us.  But she found her way and made friends and gained tons of confidence the last two trimesters.  She got the Rockstar Reader award and we could not be prouder.
 photo IMG_8031_zpsa1e469ad.jpg
 photo DSC_0712_zps8c9955ac.jpg
 photo DSC_0706_zpsa325c4ce.jpg
 photo DSC_0721_zps93e770e6.jpg
i cried and cried when the boys left Midway they literally were having the best elementary experience ever - friends, community, sports teams, teachers. . I could go on and on.  Spring Mountain is not Midway but it is special too. . and these boys were so brave and really made the best of their LAST elementary year.  yes. . we have middle schoolers!
 photo IMG_8021_zpsbb313899.jpg
 photo DSC_0722_zps5936f647.jpg
 photo IMG_8029_zpse756549a.jpg
this is how lucia felt about field day!
 photo IMG_7959_zpsf2d683eb.jpg
emery took a ballet class all year and we all celebrated with her end of year recital. i was so out of my element with make-up and hair.  we had to watch a lot of you-tube videos to learn how to do a ballet bun. and, I had to go to target and buy cheap make-up since i do not own any makeup:) being a dance mom is a huge stretch for me!
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 photo DSC_0698_zpsa3c79bd0.jpg
Lucia finished her soccer season and had an incredible time!
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

thank God for friends!

we have been so blessed by friends coming to visit us.  it has been truly a life saver.  we love it. the humes were here for the weekend and did PORTLAND!
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 photo IMG_7847_zps502b0e0d.jpg

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and then i fell. . .like really embarrassing . .. really hurt fall and ended up with a horrible sprain and in the ER with exrays:(

May. . . 2014

may really feels like may . . wildflowers, bike riding, sun and rain! it is almost summer!

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 photo DSC_0761_zps9c746c20.jpg
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 photo IMG_7724_zps657a2eed.jpg
kindergarten round-up - our baby girl is going to kinder next year! 
 photo IMG_7722_zps262da5c2.jpg
the girls found a snake and loved it! the boys were scared:)
 photo IMG_7721_zps5bc67c81.jpg

 photo IMG_7654_zpsc4f6f069.jpg
 photo IMG_7645_zps49387bf2.jpg
 photo DSC_0707_zps9cc3d6cc.jpg
what says spring more than wildflowers and neon unicorn helmets.