Saturday, May 31, 2008


We had the the best weekend getaway at Schweitzer with the Miller Family. It is heaven on earth. Beautiful mountains, warm swimming pools, great condos, lots of hot-tubs, great little town, beaches . . .
All the kids!

First time Lucia has been in a pool since 3 weeks old in Guatemala. Of course it was a hit.

Cutest buns in the world. . .

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time with Uncle Damian and Auntie Grace

We loved having Uncle Damian and Auntie Grace here for the week. They are intentional and thoughtful in all their interactions and love for us. We wish you did not live so far away and are so happy you got to meet Lucia.
At the same time Damian and Grace were here so was me little cousin Elowyn. . she is sassy and so smart. The boys adored her.
Lucia fell in love with Grace. She would just stare at her and light up every time she saw her.

They are both giving their life away in ministry and we are so proud of them. They are currently preparing to head back to Kazakhstan to live and work for Campus Crusade for Christ.
They live with PASSION and an amazing commitment to their Faith.

Happy 11 months old Lucia!

She is non-stop. . . .ACTIVE, SPICY, JOYFUL, SWEET and the life of every party!
Here she is last night at the family picnic. My favorite moments with Lucia are when she snuggles and kisses me. My mom captured this picture at the picnic. She probably seconds later popped back up for more interaction and laughs.
Honestly this is her 99.9% state. I had just waved to her and this is what I got.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day weekend with Friends

We had a wonderful long Memorial Day weekend with our college friends. Aaron has 4 guys that were best friends in college and continue to keep in touch. And we try at least once a year to all get together with families. We went to this fun Italian restaurant in CDA and when the kids order a pizza they get to make it with the chef.
Matt and Kim had not met Lucia yet. Of course she won their hearts.
Lucia would love to be standing at ALL times!

Her all time favorite the SWINGS!

This is "the Lucy wave." She does this wave to anyone who starts talking to her. It looks really funny and is pretty stiff and forced. More like a salute.

Kinkade at the beach. The water was fresh snow water. But I knew the boys would be fully submerged within minutes. . . it took about 5 minutes until they were IN!
Emma and Keagan.
All the children on a park walk.
The Falls in Spokane are magnificent right now. We had to go see them. They were so powerful and breath-taking.

It was a packed weekend. The kids had a blast and it was so good to be with Friends.

Lucia loves Kindermusic!

Lucia has loved Kindermusic. It has been fabulous to have 45 minutes to dance, sing, bond, cuddle and spend quality one on one time together. She loved every minute!

Her she is with her BFF Isabelle Jones. They really know each other now and are starting to interact. . well grab each other's faces.
Isabelle and sister Olivia riding in the basket to some fun Celtic dance music.
Mommy and Lucia all smiles. Time to go get brothers from preschool. Let the craziness begin.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Anyone seen my cell phone?

Any chance she gets she finds my cell phone and than hides!
These shoes are my new favorites. . oh my I think I have a problem 2 posts in a row with shoes!
This is what I get when I take the cell phone away. . . .

Have I mentioned how much I love having a baby girl. . .

I walked up the stairs last night and saw this precious sight. It made me smile inside and out. She is home with us and a dream come true. And, the Baby Gap is killing me. . . .

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Water Baby, T-ball and she stood!

We had a wonderful Sunny weekend. With a balance of sports, yard work, and water! The boys had their last t-ball game and Aaron of course had his Sunday soccer game. The highlight of the soccer game was when I noticed that Lucia was STANDING beside me. Yes. . . I said standing ~ she was as surprised as me so it only lasted a few seconds. The boys were so proud of her!

I love the boys in a whole new way watching them love their sister. They are truly interested in every milestone, food she is eating, outfit, hair-do, and each and every new sound she makes they claim is a real word. They tell everyone Lucia can say 21 words. In reality I'm not sure she has said any words connected to a meaning. She will mimic sometimes but then not say it again for a few days. I just love the way they love her, protect her and how much interest they have in her.
I personally couldn't wait for a weekend of cute sun dresses and cute swimsuits. . . live the dream Lucia because you didn't see me in a sundress or a swimsuit.
Here are some pictures from the weekend.

"What is that on your head Dad?"
WE HAVE A WATER BABY. . . THANK GOD! God chose this little personality perfectly for our family. We love the water. I was so afraid when she would barley take a bath when we were in Guatemala with her that she would not love the water. She LOVES baths now and when we got out the little pool this weekend with freezing cold water in it she got right in.

She claps for herself all day long. . .
Is there anything cuter than this?
On to T-ball. Yep, that's a Starbucks Aaron is holding while coaching in the outfield.
I told him he is not a real coach with a Starbucks. The boys aren't old enough to be embarrassed. Most of the time he had it hiding in his mitt.

The boys were not one bit excited that their shirts were periwinkle and the team name was Angels. They were convinced it was a all girls team.