Wednesday, March 23, 2011

here's what we have been up to the first week of spring. . .

the boy's spent the first day of spring with their godparents building new book shelves for their room. the finished project was spectacular. i will post pictures after kinkade's shelf is done. pat is so talented and the boys had a blast! patty made us a yummy yummy lunch. everyone needs fabulous godparents to help raise their children!
dr. pepper cupcakes! how else would you welcome spring?
my sweet husband brought me daffodils and they look perfect in my new spring vase from anthro!
of course a second st. paddy's celebration with grammy and grampy. . with full leprechaun costumes and corn beef and potatoes! she just might be the cutest leprechaun on the planet!
and. . . . it would not be the first week of spring without pink eye, ear infections, fevers and a trip to the doctor for antibiotics.
so sad they are so sick. . . . more pink eye and tons of gook! our girls are really sick!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

we caught one!

happy st. paddy's day from the mcmurrays! lulu's first leprechaun trap for preschool. . .look at the green footprints that showed up after her nap. she could not believe it.
we found these penny/root beer traps all over the house last night that the boys had made.
"hey mom looks what's in the toilet?"
"that is so rude the leprechaun peed in our toilet." - lucia's exact words:)
what a fun day! next year kinkade informed me we need to plan ahead and have corn beef for dinner.
ps. . emery does not have a side pony tail she just pulled the other pig tail lower.

Monday, March 14, 2011

risk takers

dad and kinkade on the chair lift in front of us. . .we have been talking a lot about taking risks and trying new things with the boys. this last couple months they have had two huge firsts. we went skiing last weekend and had a blast. don't get me wrong there was a couple meltdowns but 95% of the time we had so much fun. it was a beautiful sunny day and there was fresh snow from the week. i have felt so thankful lately for the pacific northwest living 20 minutes from our lake place and 20 minutes from a great ski mountain is pretty awesome. on sunday on the way to church we had to stop for a family of deer which is a common thing around here and emery was squealing with joy - "hi deer, how ya doin?"
i was struck by how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful place! i am a good complainer so i have to document when i am feeling blessed:)
the second big risk was the boys took an acting class that ended with a big greek gods performance. they went every monday and loved it. i was so proud of them for trying something brand new and learning so much. lucia can't wait until it is her turn. she sprinted up on the stage the minute she could!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

oh emery or is it ozzie osborne!?

this kid is CRAZY! i did not do any of these hair dos or outfits. i found her looking this way. she cracks us up all day. she is a pistol with more gusto than we ever imagined. she is nuts~ here she is today. . . her hair is out of control but it matches her personality! we have started bunsies they are so stinkin cute and fit her sass!

her favorite things all in one. . she wears this swim cap all the time. . fancy shoes all day even over her jammies and she loves jammies!
her" i will not eat one more bite" look. . . that we see all day.
yep, every time she finds a head band she puts it on backwards and will not put it on the right way. as mentioned many times before is the messiest eater on the planet!
have i mentioned the rats nest that she has 99% of the time. i have never seen a nastier rat's nest in any one's hair. . it is her trademark.
i can't wait to see this kid in high school. half the time i think she looks like ozzie osborne and acts like him too!