Thursday, April 30, 2009


Loudest scariest crash I have ever heard. I went sprinting upstairs to find three terrified screaming shocked kids and the boys dresser crashed to the ground. The boys were putting away their laundry and of course Lucia was right there by their side 'helping' when it fell. It is huge and filled up the entire room. . I have no idea how it missed all three kids. Lucia would of been crushed. I think the boys had pulled out all the drawers in the process of putting away their clothes away and it just got top heavy. After I settled everyone down we all just sat on the floor held hands and thanked God for protecting us. Remind your little ones to never stand on the drawers, climb in the drawers, and to only pull one drawer out at a time. Thank you God for protecting our family!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

where can you find the mcmurray kids this spring?

Oh yes. . where is Lucia smelling the flowers with her toothbrush. She is a toothbrush theif. We all have to hide our toothbrushes or she steals them and hides them. We think she has a secret stash somewhere. Aaron at one point brought in 4 toothbrushes from the car that had been missing.
Could not find Lucia anywhere. . oh I see something cute in that tub. . . And then a big yell "Peek-a-boo!"
You can find Emery Pearl sleeping in various locations all around the house. . and I keep finding her with stuffed animals laying beside her. The boys and Lucia think she needs some company.

This is what you get when you have twin brothers. . .you get to sleep with large stuffed snakes.

We got a new amazing HOOP! Grampy and Grammy got it for our family. They got a great deal from a friend that is moving. It is bigger than our house. . but we love it. You can find Keagan out there 24-7! He is a hoopster! You can find Kinkade Trevor on his pogo stick. He broke his own record and now is at 218 jumps in a row. He is the family pogo stick champion!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

emery pearl 4 weeks

Dear Sweet Emery,
Life is crazy with four kids under 6 but I wouldn't change it for anything. You are such a precious surprise gift from God and we ALL adore you. The family is constantly fighting
over who gets to hold you next. You are a great eater and SLEEPER. We joke you got the McMurray Memo that you have to sleep to be in this family:) At three weeks you started only waking up once a night. .. YIPPEE! We had your doctors appointment and you are growing perfectly and now weigh 8 lbs. 3 oz. and are 21.5 inches long. Here are some current pictures at four weeks. We love you Emery Pearl.
My dear friend Meghan made this gorgeous quilt for Emery. She went to topstitch with her iphone and used the pictures off the blog to match the fabric. I had to get some pics of Emery with the quilt. I was blown away by her thoughfullness and talent!

I love yawning pics of babies. . . I sprint for my camera when she starts to yawn and I finally caught it on camera.
I adore this photo. . my passionate Keagan who loves his sisters with his whole passionate heart.

Daddy and his tiny girl!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yeah Kinkade!

Kinkade earned is orange belt two weekends ago! We are so proud of him. He is taking Taekwondo by himself. Keagan started with him and made it to yellow belt then chose to do piano instead. We wanted both boys to try it and made the goal for them to get to yellow belt then they could decide to continue or not. This is the very first time either Kinkade or Keagan has been brave enough to do an activity alone. Kinkade is loving every minute! He is so proud of himself and comes home and teaches his siblings everything he is learning . . you should see Lucia it is too cute! He had to run and jump and break a board to earn his orange belt - it was so cool!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


i never thought in a million years we would have this many bows!
emery pearl has the scrawniest legs ever. . .baggy baggy preemie tights! oh how i wish something was baggy on me!

Monday, April 13, 2009

so blessed!

Three families went together to get us this gorgeous car seat . . .and hand delivered it just in time to the hospital to take Emery Pearl home in it. Here she is coming home. Thanks Rachelle for blessing us in so many ways. Liz and Shelley the car seat is amazing! Sneak peak into one of the many blessings. My mom refinished and and recoverd this gorgeous rocking chair to match our bedroom to rock Emery! Story below. . .

It all started when I felt a gush of water as I was immensely enjoying my alone time at Costco. We had a busy weekend with a surprise baby shower, our dear friends the Jones in town, planning a small b-day get together for Aaron's b-day on Monday (3-30) and the list goes on. So we got home from church and watching Savannah's Jones volleyball tournament and I decided it was the perfect time for me to hit Costco ALONE to get the shopping done for spring break and Aaron's b-day.
Back to the gush of water. . . at first I was very confused then it hit me my water just broke. It did not splash on the floor but my jeans were WET! So like anyone would do I paused and kept shopping. I never get to be at Costco alone I was not going to give it up just b/c my water broke. Later I was asked many times if I left the cart and drove to the hospital. . I have to admit that never crossed my mind. I just thought my jeans are dark enough and I need to get the shopping done. I LOVE checking off my to do list. So I finished shopping for another 20 - 30 minutes. . no rush. . just alone time in Costco. On my way out I got a Costco berry smoothie. . . .of course I never leave Costco without one (this habit will come back to haunt me later in the story.) I then drove home, not to the hospital I needed to get the groceries home. I came inside and woke Aaron up from a nap and told him I think my water broke. He sprung out of bed in a panic. . . just then the Jones got back from the tournament. We told them my water broke. . Krissy started yelling and screaming that I needed to go to the hospital immediately. Apparently when your water breaks you are going to have a baby. She said she would take care of all the kids andnhost the b-day party that night for Aaron - w/o Aaron there:)
We got to the hospital and since I was scheduled for a c-section they asked me when the last time I had eaten anything was. . . . I answered, "ummmmm about one hour ago it was a Costco berry smoothie." The nurse then followed up with a second question - "Did you eat that smootie after your water broke?" We know the answer to that. So now we would have to wait 8 hours until the surgery which would put the c-section at 11:00 pm. Well sometime in that 8 hours they decided to do it the next morning at 7:15 when my doctor could perform the c-section unless I went into full labor before that time. So we snuggled up for a good nights sleep at the hospital. . . . excited that our daughter and Aaron would have the same birthday. Well at 10:30 I started having major contractions. I tried to hold out and I even lied a little bit to get to try and get to midnight so their birthdays would be the same but the monitor didn't lie and the rest was history. Emery Pearl was born at 11:20. It was not an easy c-section they could not get her out and she was not breathing for what seemed like a long time afterwards. But after all that God is amazing and she was perfect in every way and she wanted her own birthday! This little girl was going to make it into this world her own way on her own time. She is our miracle baby.
So onto being so blessed. . . my dearest friend Krissy ended up spending her Spring break in Spokane taking care of my kids, cleaning my house, and organizing my life. My parents of course jumped in and helped that week also and our faithful friends Janny and Ryan spang to the rescure to relieve the workers. Our family and friends just rallied and took over our life while we spent 5 days in the hospital. I can't believe Krissy and her kids stayed all week to help. .. .detailed our mini van, organized and LABELED my linen closet, did all our laundry, brought the kids everyday to see us and Emery, the list goes on and on. I love you Krissy I will never forget how you took care of us. Meals were brought, our house was cleaned by our small group. . .we have the most amazing friends and family. Here are some pics of all the blessings and help we have gotten!

This might not seem like a very exciting pic for most people. . . but Aaron's parents came last week and stayed all week to help us when Aaron had to go back to work. This is a picture of NO CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. My wonderful father in law took down the lights. Praise God!
He also replaced the shades in the nursery that had been hanging there broken forever. He went to 5 stores to get the right one. Bless him! Not to mention replacing the curtain rods downstairs that the boys had pulled down at some point.

My mom made new sheets for Lucia's bed . . so sweet!

Krissy hung these cute Martha Stewart flower balls in the nursery from my surprise shower.

Krissy had the fabulous idea to recover the rocking chair that had been in the boy's room to match our bedroom since it would be in there for the baby. It turned our gorgeous. . my new favorite piece of furniture in the house. My mom did a fabulous job. She painted it black and recovered the cushions.
My mom finished all the bedding for Emery's crib. It is just precious and so fun. . . she even recovered the boppio to match. The crib was also given to us by the most generous family that I tutor for.

My mother in law planted violets in all my pots for Spring. I love them! This would of never happened in our stage of life. I'm not sure how she accomplished this taking care of Lucia 24-7 and chasing her all day. Krissy cleaned and labeled my linen closet. I love her!
Aaron's parents cut back and cleaned all the flower beds. . they worked in our yard for two days straight. It was a HUGE gift to us we hate yard work and are horrible at it. And replaced the fence you see in the background.

My mom brings me white tulips because she knows they are my very favorite and they make me smile.
My in laws brought an Easter Lilly and a Starbucks every morning. . they know the way to my heart!
Here is your first sneak peak at the sweetest Easter dress ever. . that my mom hand made for Emery. . . her attention to detail is so beyond me. The ribbon flowers to match Lucia's dress, hand make shoes to match, a "pearl" bracelet she made. . the pearls did not have any holes so she poked each hole herself, the hair ribbon and one for Lucia to match and the dyed sweater so it would match. The dress was so darling.

Here are the two dresses together. Easter pics to come!

So blessed. . .with the most amazing friends and family! Thank you for loving us so well on this journey of life.
sorry if there was tons of writing errors I am a little tired and was nursing while I posted.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

our sweet emery pearl at home

Dear Sweet Emery Pearl,

We all could not be more in love. Your sister and brothers have not stopped kissing you! Your mom and dad think you are the sweetest newborn baby. We all adore every inch of you and LOVE having you in our family. You are so mellow and easy. God is so amazing and had a plan we could of never dreamed up. We named you Emery Pearl because they are both very special family names. Emery is Grandma Audrey's maiden name and she was a very strong christian woman who loved your daddy and his brothers so much. Pearl is the nickname that Grampy gave your mommy the day she was born. He always called her his "pearl of a girl." To this day he calls mommy Pearl. Now he already calls you Emery Pearl of a girl. Our life will forever be changed that you are in it. I can't wait to gradually get to know who you are. But as I prayed for you God always gave me the word "sweet." And, oh boy we need some sweetness in this McMurray family.

Thank you God for this sweet gift there is nothing like a newborn baby girl.