Monday, September 29, 2008

Fifteen, Fiesty, and Funny

Happy Fall . . . love LuLu. . .
So fun and feisty!

Loves to ride on this car with her brothers.

The many expressions of Miss Lucia . .

Cheering for her brothers goals at the soccer game.

Playing animals at Grammys.

Lucia is 15 months. . and is BURSTING WITH PERSONALITY! She is so funny and SO fiesty.
She bosses us all around all the time. She has somehow become the boss around here. Everything you ask her she says "NO" even if she means yes. She makes us laugh all day long and we can't imagine life without her. People cannot believe she walks and runs. . she is still so tiny, but she makes up for her size with her voice! We love you Lucia!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is there anything sweeter than a clean baby in fuzzy jammies?

I am hoping Heaven is babies just fresh out of the bath in fuzzy jammies just waiting to rock and cuddle. It is the sweetest thing on earth. Here is my sweet baby all snugly tonight in her fuzzy ballerina jammies ready for "Night Night" as she says.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for so much. . . . but today specifically for . . .

1. The amazing parents I had growing up. Who loved me so deeply and provided me with such amazing experiences and opportunities.

2. For my brother's wife Grace. She is the best thing that has ever happened to my brother and compliments him so perfectly. She is amazing answer to prayer.

3. For my husband coaching the boy's soccer team and taking so much pride in it.

4. For Friday night Pizza night. . . I love pizza and I LOVE not cooking!

5. For Fall. . it is by far my favorite season. . . Pumpkin spice candles, Pumpkin spice body soap, Pumpkin Spice pancakes. . .. all McMurray Fall traditions. When the pumpkin spice body soap shows up in the shower it is a big day around here especially for Keagan.

6. Mornings with me baby girl to play, cuddle, and simply just be together.

7. Keagan and Kinkade transitioning so smoothly into Kindergarten they are so excited to go each morning.

8. Grampy coming over every morning for a game or bike ride before Kinder. . .so sweet and so intentional just like everything he does in his life.

9. Orange. . I love putting splashes of Orange all over the house for Fall.

10. Our awesome church!

So that is what is on my heart today. Stacy thank for letting me blognap your graphic and encouraging me in Thankful Thursdays. .

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

Our twin boys are in Kindergarten. . . . what a big step. I was not sad at all just really excited for them. I love school. . I always did and still do that is why I am a teacher. There is something so thrilling about the first day of school. You can just feel the excitement and anticipation in the air. After we got them all settled Lucia and I went to celebrate with a maple bar! I can't believe we made it to Kindergarten there were some toddler days when I thought we were not going to make it:) They had a great short morning it is just from 9:15 - 11:45 everyday. . . just enough time to get to Costco and go pick them up again. Here are some fun first day pictures. Keagan at his table ready to go!
Kinkade not at Keagan's table . . feeling a little hesitant but trying to be brave.

They told Grampy and Grammy when they came over last night to get the recap of their first day that they both met a best friend and then they said each other. These two truly love each other and are best friends.

Grampy, Grammy, and Lucia waving goodbye as we walked down the street. We left Lucia so I could totally focus on the boys.

Sad little sister that big brothers are off to school . . .

My two hansome boys.
We ALWAYS have to do a silly picture! It is just the way this family rolls.
Kinkade wanted to do an annoyed picture. I love rolling my eyes so I was game.
They are nuts!

Keagan and Kinkade we are so proud of you!

Monday, September 1, 2008


We had the blessed opportunity to spend a week at Young Life's Malibu Club!

We shared a cabin with the Kuhn family. They have 4 awesome boys.

Of course the boys spent time at the beach collecting dead fish.
Keagan was thrilled with himself after completing the ropes course. I was so proud of the boys.
Ready for the ropes course. They were not afraid at all. I told them if they can do the ropes course Kindergarten will be a cinch.
Barley tall enough to do the ropes course. Just made it!

Kinkade so proud of himself for accomplishing the ropes course. It is 55 ft in the air. . . it truly is not easy.

There is always a dress up night at YL camp. Getting a good family picture is getting harder and harder.

I love this new kissy face Lucia does. She is full of kisses!

Singing at dinner.
Yl is notorious for skits and entertainment night. It was the boys favorite night of the week. They have been re-enacting the skits ever since. They performed 3 of them for Grampy today in the living room. It was so fun to watch them watch the skits and just be in hysterics.
Notice where Lucia is sitting. . . . front and center with the Program guys. Each YL camp has staff in charge of program all the fun and activities tons of music and dancing!
Ready for the boat races on the Green team.
Dad, Keagan and Lucia kayaking.

The hit of the whole week was the climbing wall. I'm not sure why but the boys spent the majority of their time climbing.

Christmas in August we sang Christmas songs and pretended it was snowing!

We have been gone the last 10 days on a Ministry vacation. Aaron worked for Young Life for 12 years and we had the most wonderful family opportunity to return to Young Life's amazing Malibu Club to serve for a week. Young Life is a ministry who reaches out to HS and middle school students but this was a unique week for Military families. Aaron spoke every night sharing the Gospel. It was a powerful week and we were blessed to serve these families who sacrifice so much for us. We did not see the sun all week it rained and rained but we made the very best of it.