Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Emery Pearl McMurray

Born March 29 11:40 pm. .missed Daddy's Birthday by 20 minutes
7 lbs 3 oz.
Mommy's water broke in Costco. . .story to come it is a good one!
She is perfect mixture of Keagan and Kinkade as newborns. . . Keagan's face. .and Kinkade's black hair and long thin body. And Lucia's sweet personality. All four of the McMurray kiddos were born at 36 weeks. . Crazy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Proud Big Brothers.
Miss Lucia adores her! She just keeps saying "Sucia's (lucia's) baby turn now!"
Many more pics to come. . these were just a few on this camera.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh Names. . .Names. . Names

Okay I wasn't going to share names but for some reason I feel the need to share. We have a list and really have no idea. We are not going to decide until we meet her. . but would love to hear your thoughts! I have to admit I am kind of a name snoot. . I have some very specific guide lines for names.
Here they are ~

1. The name cannot be on the top 100 list (I broke this rule twice with the list below)

2. We love names that are longer and more formal than have a cute sporty nickname. The name has to have a nickname that we love equally as well . . we are a nickname family (I broke this rule twice also so there are exceptions)
For example -

Kinkade - Kade
Keagan - Keags
Lucia - Lucy or LuLu

3. The middle name has to be a family name

Here is our list of names for this new baby girl. I will list the long name first then the nickname.

1. Evelyn - Evey
2. Charlotte - Charley
3. Lillian - Lily
4. Emery - Emmy - (this is a family name)
5. Lola - Lolo ( kind of wanting a "L" name to go with Lucia since the boys have "K" names, but not set on this or limited to "L" names.)
6. Elsa
7. Layla
8. Landrey (this is aaron and the boy favorite name. . I think it sounds like Laundry and I don't need anything else reminding me about the laundry!)
9. Magnolia - Maggie
10. Mirabella - Ella
11. Piper
12 Liberty - Libby
13. Rosemary - Rosie
14. Joyla - Joy ( I love this name and always have but Aaron thinks Joyla sounds like we were on drugs when we made it up)

So there is the list. . we have our favorites but they change everyday. . . I think we need help! Please feel free to add to the list we are still so open to suggestions. Help!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

nesting. . .

We have been looking for the perfect bedding to compliment Lucia's aqua crib and silk off white bedding. Everything I found was so expensive and just not right. Of course Grammy Sparkle to the rescue! She make anything and decided that would be her gift to the new baby! There is a new fabric store here in town that has every designer fabric you can imagine. . the fabric is so FUN! I love the retro bold prints. We spent 2 hours picking out the perfect combination. I am so proud of our little town for having such a HIP fabric store . . we are not known for hip shopping! Here is the link to the shop I just love their stuff. .. .
The picture above this text is going to be the quilt. The one below is the dust ruffle and then the following picture is all the prints with the sheet and bumper fabric included. I can't wait to see it all put together.

Major nesting project that I have been losing sleep over. My pantry was so YUCK! I wanted it organized and sort of cute! I think I veiw my entire life especially home like my First Grade classroom. I want everything to have a basket/bin with a label! I wish my kids sat in a basket labeled. . . okay so wierd, maybe I shouldn't admit this. If Carla and Ang are reading this they are so making fun of me. I had been trying to figure out how to re-organize the pantry on a small small budget! Well here it is.. . .new contact paper. . cheap bins, tags and the final touch polk-a-dot and ric rac ribbon to hold the tags. I do not scrap book or do foo foo. . . I just like simple, organized and clean and LOVE LABELS! TA-DA . . . !
More new bins and labeling! Above the closet was driving me nuts! Much better! More pantry. . .

Oh yes, I made all the boys in the house clean behind the refrigerator . . I think there was major diseases growing back there. . it was so gross!

There has been a lot of nesting around here lately or maybe it could be called frantic spring cleaning. I am sure I will never get another thing done after our family expands to 4 kids and a newborn in the house. I have completely caught up on the memory books and prayer journals for Keagan, Kinkade and Lucia and started a prayer journal for the new baby with ultrasounds and stories from the pregnancy. The carpets and furniture have been professionally cleaned (had to practically take out a second mortgage for this:) I just wanted to document my insanity in this post to remember this time. Oh yeah. . in case you are worried Easter outfits are all taken care of! Well. . . except for me I will be the big mom in the black sweats with the handsome husband in his Spring BR button down, the cute twin boys in their new polo's that Grammy bought them, and of course Lucia in the cutest Easter dress ever that I purchased 9 months ago for Easter from the Gap on big time sale! Next year I might attempt cute this year "No Way" as Lucia says.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Then and Now . . Happy St. Paddys Day!

Here is our little Leprechaun this year. Still smiling with a broken arm. We have our appointment tomorrow for her hard cast. I had the cutest green polka dot dress saved for today but it would not fit over her splint. This broken arm is really cramping our fashion!

Love the shoes! Got a matching pair for new baby girl too!
And of course the boys before school. First day they have ever been dressed before 8:00 am on their own. They sprinted upstairs to put every green piece of clothing they have ON! Not the cutest outfits, but they were for sure not pinched!

I had to add last years St. Patricks Day pic b/c it is one of my all time favorites! I can't believe how much she has changed.

Monday, March 16, 2009


This is the most current pic at 8.5 months or 35 weeks. I am told at least once a day that it looks like I am carrying a basketball! I feel like I am carrying 3 basketballs at least. I have been carrying super high since the beginning. Strangers say you must be having a girl. . YEP!
The bump showed up much earlier than with the boys. I did not wear maternity clothes with the boys until the last trimester then popped out really far in front. I can still wear most of my jeans but the basketball"s" are causing a problem with shirts. I am really done being pregnant. I am scared to death of 4 kids but we are super excited to meet this baby girl. We currently have 4 different names chosen based on her hair color. I know weird but that's how we roll!
More 35 weeks.

33 weeks. . I don't like this pic it make me look huge. . . not the best choice of outfit. . oh well I was comfortable. . and we are keeping it real around here.

4 months pregnant at Megan's wedding. . I swear I am asked to be a bridesmaid only when I am pregnant. I am always the "big" bridesmaid. At this point this was the only part of the pregnancy Aaron was excited about. I hope I am not offending anyone.. . but this is my husband:)
More 4 months!
Talking to the baby ~
5 months pregnant taken during Christmas photo shoot. .when we were ready to reveal the big news!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rough week for Lucia

The week started off on Monday with the sickest little girl we have ever seen. By Tuesday both eyes were swollen shut and we took her to the doctor. She had a double ear infection, double pink eye, sinus infection, and 102 temperature. He prescribed so many medications I had to make a spreadsheet to make sure we were keeping track. Aaron went out of town early Thursday morning and Thurs. night she fell off the couch while playing with her brother. It did not seem like a horrible fall but she was inconsolable which has never been the case for this tough cookie. She is not a cryer and she gets over hurts way faster than anyone else in the family. I just thought she was so sick and overtired and the fall put her over the edge. Aaron got home late last night and this morning mentioned every time he touched her arm she cried. I checked it and yep she winced each time we touched her left arm. We called a doctor friend and he said we should take her to the emergency for peace of mind. She came home after 5 hours later after lots of ex rays and waiting with a sling and a broken arm. She has an appointment next week to have a hard cast put on. What a week in the McMurray household. Please pray for quick healing. . she is not letting me out of her sight or letting me put her down. At 35 weeks pregnant it is getting harder and harder to carry her. . . I know wha wha she is only 21 pounds. She is really frustrated with the sling and cast so far. She keeps pointing to it and saying, "Oh no, all done!"
Which is how she says - get this off of me! Every time a doctor walked in the room she buried her head in our shoulder and said, "No Way, All done!"
What a week!

Here she is a little happier in her I love Dad jammies which are so cute! This picture was taken last week on a lazy Saturday. Lucia loves the hot tub. I currently can't go in with her being pregnant so it is special Daddy time.