Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's real she lives here!

We had the most amazing Homecoming. It was so fun to see so many friends and family when we got off the plane. Lucy was dead asleep and when she heard the voices she popped up smiling that million dollar smile and charmed the socks off Spokane. I have tons to write and lots of great pics from our trip. But for now these two picks from tonight say it all. Welcome home sweet daughter! We have to go to bed. I think the adreniline is going to run out soon. There's a real baby GIRL in that crib. . . Aaron and I just couldn't stop hugging and staring at her.
Three KIDS in the back seat. . . YIKES! Here we go!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OH MY. . . we have a daddy's girl!

I love him so much I will eat him! Aaron's hair was literally wet. Every time he put her on his shoulders she would squeal with laughter than give really mushy kisses.

Of course some great pool time today. The sun is spectacular but Lucia is even more so. . .
Another thing I have in common with my daddy is that I love to watch soccer on TV. My dad is in heaven since you can find it on every other channel.
I laugh and laugh when he zooms me in the air.
If you have every been around Aaron or Adam this is their signature baby hold. . . .the beat box noises with the constant jiggle dancing:)

Oh boy. . . someone adores her Daddy already! She wants mommy to feed the bottle and put her to sleep as long as she can be gazing across the room at DADDY! She immediatley smiles everytime she sees him. They have simular personalities - silly, active, and so charming and they both love to sing, dance and hop around. He can make her laugh like I've never heard. She thinks everything he does is hysterical. Then I will try the same thing and she just stares at me. It warms my heart. She literally squeals with him!

We had a great morning . . . IT IS FINAL. . . she is our daughter forever. The hand off with the foster family was very emotional . The only one not crying was Lucia, even the translater was crying. We met for the first time the foster Dad, infact we didn't know there was one. When they were leaving the foster mom left crying, and the father walked out behind her, strong and composed, then came back into the room and kissed Lucia and just broke down sobbing. Now all the pieces fall into place. . . . we are so thankful there has been a loving male in the home. Her foster mom answered a questionnaire I left for her last trip. I asked about her first Christmas, favorite memories, nicknames, relationships, routines, personalitiy, and general care questions. I simply wanted a window into Lucy's life so we can stay consistant and so someday we can tell her all about her first family who loved her so much. On the questionarre I asked what Lucia's favorite activities were and she answered listening to music and looking at her foster papa smiling! Her Foster mom also brought back all of Lucia's favorite toys and blankets to help her transition. She has been the most amazing answer to prayer, always going above and beyond.
Will post more later. Thanks to everyone for making this dream come true for our family.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Thanks for all the prayers the last couple of days. As many of you know we got snowed in yesterday so we couldn't leave to pick up our sweet baby. It was a long exhausting stressful day running from airline to airline. Spokane had a record snowfall, and a plane went off the runway landing as we were sitting on the tarmac. But we are here and all is good. We left the house this morning at 3:30 am and just got into Guatemala City. Our agency has been amazing and is making many accomadations to get Lucia to us at 6am in the morning so we can make it to our Embassy appointment on time. There she will be placed in our arms FOREVER. Thanks for all the phonecalls, texts, and most of all prayers. They worked. Got to get some sleep. . . . hopefully tomorrow will be alot smoother than the last couple of days getting here. Pray for her Foster mom as she says goodbye tomorrow and pray for Lucia as it will be an eventful day that starts really early for her. Love you all.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

We leave tomorrow

Here goes a picture parade of some of the highlights of our journey before it comes to an end or is it just the beginning. . . Leaving Lucia after our first POA visit with many things to remember us, MP# player with 45 minutes of our voices recorded, photo books of our faces, hippo with our recorded voices, and many Spanish books!
We still can't believe how smiley she was at one month old.
First time holding Lucia. . . will never forget this moment.
I immediately took her upstairs and put her on my chest. I think it was just instinct to want to replicate the birth process in the hospital when I got to put the boys on my chest soon after their birth. I never set her down the entire trip. We thought we might need a carrier or a stroller . . .nope!
First smile we saw within 30 minutes of getting her.
DNA Day. . . we dressed her, prayed for her, her foster mom picked her up in the lobby, and then took her to the appointment with her birth mother. The pictures and information we got from this day is precious. Three mothers held her that day with very different roles in her life yet with one love for this sweet baby girl. First bath with us. Smiling at Dad!

Next visit trip with Grammy.
love the sleeping pics. So peaceful and sweet.
First thing I ever bought for Lucia. I got to give into my life long dream of buying baby girl clothes. The dress is now hanging in her room.Visit trip number 4 with Grammy.
Our beautiful little girl one week ago.
Thanksgiving with Lucia. The boys finally get to meet their new baby sister. Picture with her amazing Foster mom.
More smiles.
One of my all time favorite pictures.

We have many feelings going into tomorrow. As Aaron and I sat in the hot tub last night and recounted this journey and looked forward to our new life as a family. We realized how many mixed emotions we have. The first of course just being excitement mixed with relief that we are nearing the finish line on this roller coaster of adoption. The second feeling was one of a weird sadness that our family will never be the same. It has been "the boys world" for five years. We have so many special traditions that will change. . . of course for the good, but not without growing pains I'm sure. We can't wait for the JOY she is going to bring into our world. . .but last night we were in a very reflective mood about how different everything is going to be. I have heard parents worry if they will have enough love for their next child and how they will continue to be as intetional and loving with the children they have. I too am worried about the intentionality I have been able to do daily with the boys, will that happen anymore??

My heart has also been really heavy for Lucia's foster family as they say goodbye this week. I have even felt some guilt about feeling like I am taking her away. Wow, this process sure has a lot of emotions that surface at different times. Please pray for this final trip. For peace in the transition. For Lucia's heart as she grieves the loss of the only mother she has known, for her foster family, and for us as we start our new life as a family.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Adoption poem

Kelsey is one of our favorite college students. She is a Fabulous Young Life leader who shows passion for God and her girls at LC above and beyond. She is spirited, thoughtful, fun and has an amazing depth in her Faith. She left a comment on our blog with a poem that was given to her Mom when her parents were adopting internationally. I absolutely loved it. So I had to share with my blog world in case you missed it. Thanks Kels!

Legacy of Adoption

Once there were two women, neither knew the other

One you do not remember, the other you call mother.

One gave you a nationality, the other gave you a name

One gave you the seed of talent, the other gave you an aim.

Two very different lives shaped yours into one

One became your guiding star, the other was your sun.

One gave you emotions, and one calmed your fears

One saw your first sweet smile, the other dried your tears.

The first gave you life, the second taught you to live it.

The first gave you a need for love, the second was there to give it.

One gave you up—it was all that she could do,

The other prayed for a child—God led her straight to you.

And now you ask me through your tears,

The age-old question of all the years,

Heredity or Environment, which are you a product of?

Neither darling, neither ... just two different kinds of Love.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A calm before the storm

Here are some more pics of the trip. We had a wonderful time. The last two nights were a little rough. Lucia had a high temperature, so she was up most of the night. During the day she smiled and was her usual self. Her foster mom took her to the doctor immediately when she picked her up on Monday. I couldn't wait to get home last night to check my email and get the doctor's report. Our agency is so amazing it was sitting in my inbox when aaron and I walked in the door at midnight. She still has a fever and an ear infection. I hope she is doing better today. I am glad I could be there with her when she was sick. I know her foster mom is taking great care of her of her now, but it is hard to be away especially knowing she is sick. Five days until Aaron and I leave to go and get her for good. I spent the morning cuddling with my boys I missed them so much. I explained to them what it means when your heart hurts and longs for someone. I missed them so much. It is so good to be home, but it is FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!! Hey moms out there any great ideas for the 9 hours on the airplane with an active 6 month year old. Who loves to shriek in joy and jump nonstop! It seems nuts that exactly one week from today she will placed in our arms forever at her final embassy appointment. Praise God!

Things I love about Guatemala -
1. Lucia

2. Traditional Guatemalan breakfast - scrambled eggs, black beans (the best ever), fried bananas, fresh mozzarella cheese, coffee (unbelievable . . . i never drink coffee black and I could drink this black), and Fabulous fresh papaya juice, or pineapple juice

3. The best Italian restaurant you ever eaten at in my life. It goes down as my #1 dining experience ever!

4. The SUN! They call it eternally Spring.

5. Beautiful hospitable people

6. Gallo . . . yes it is an awesome drink by the pool beer, it gives corona a run

7. Pizza Hut. . ok this might seem weird but when we were here as a family we ordered in pizza hut and it was by far the best pizza aaron and I had ever had (I know most of my favorites have been food related. . . . I am a little obsessed with food:) - Whit and Linds are you with me!

8. Antigua. . . the town is so charming

9. Taking 8 million photos. . I love taking pictures of cute children!

Lucy's favorite things . . .

1. squealing with JOY

2. smiling at Everyone!

3. All people . . . I think she might be the most social baby ever. . . she is going to fit in great with the McMurrays

4. Bows and barrettes. . ok maybe that should be on my list

5. Grammy Sparkle singing to her

6. riding in the Baby Bjorn and going on walks

7. grabbing flowers and faces

8. pulling off her socks every chance she gets

9. the buzzing bees sound this always cracks her up

10. carrots and sweet potatoes. . . just when she couldn't get more perfect she loved eating her organic vegetable I brought for her!

11. Jumping up and down like a FROG!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Lucia's new best friend at the bed and bath in Antigua. She loved Lucia and wanted to hold her all the time. Infact I left some photos of Lucia for her.

We had a great time in Antigua. It is the most beautiful town. So much history and culture. Amazing food, gorgeous buildings, and beautiful people.
Lucy is such a trooper. She continues to amaze me. She loves to be in the Bjorn and walk and walk and walk. She charms everyone.
Statue in center square of town.

Eating lunch with Grammy Sparkle!

Churches like this everywhere. . . they are magnificant.
Aqua building for Lucy's room. Won't it look great.
On the horse and buggy ride. My mother LOVES horse and buggy rides.
She thinks this is hysterical. Good for a belly laugh everytime.

Check out the cute barrette, my new friend Katie made it for her.
All smiles in the Bjorn.
More gorgeous Antigua.

One problem in Antigua no heat in the rooms. Lucy and I were chilly at night and in the mornings.

She cracks me up with her expressions.
Ok this one was at the Westin, right before we left reading grammy's martha stewart magazine.

Swinging at the bed and bath in Antigua. It had this great lounge swing that Lucy and I spent a lot of time on.
I will post more later, and I have lots to write about Guatemala and all that I love so much about this country. Lucia is truly and angel. She is such a good sport about everything. I pray that she will be as happy in her new life in the US. Miss you all so much.