Thursday, March 28, 2013

small celebrations

we have had some small celebrations around here. . .

 photo IMG_3894_zps0f1d907e.jpg
family date - treats at sweet frostings
 photo IMG_3928_zpsca65a021.jpg
special butterfly costumes here for birthday parties
 photo IMG_3997_zps3c5a4489.jpg
nothing better than my baby girl asleep on me
 photo IMG_3975_zps25831d48.jpg
happy birthday dr. seuss!
 photo IMG_3873_zps7622ef57.jpg
more family date . . .
 photo IMG_3922_zpsca120d78.jpg
celebrating soccer season starting again
 photo IMG_4039_zps205a8ff0.jpg
first sunshine day at the park
 photo IMG_3901_zps07951f3f.jpg
first spring sunshine walk

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

february is gone. . .

I will start by saying - February is the middle school month - not pretty winter, and not spring yet.  it is ugly outside and we just made it through. . . here are some highlights regardless of the weather!
 photo photo-2_zpsf70762bd.jpg
each kiddo picked their valentine - lucia homemade and scooby, kinkade pop rocks, emery melted crayon hearts, and keagan picked a quote for every student in his class. 
 photo IMG_3579_zpsbe1e34c2.jpg
they are buddies most of the time
 photo photo-2_zps8cd4b79e.jpg
kinkade is either reading or playing kendama
 photo IMG_3815_zps1a57daf8.jpg
first real AAU tournament and a HUGE WIN!!!
 photo IMG_3782_zps20e1a96d.jpg
lots of baking when it is yucky outside
 photo IMG_3717_zps57f7b139.jpg
leo on a hike
 photo IMG_3680_zps26b9977b.jpg
yep this happens often
 photo IMG_3677_zps359357cd.jpg
loving ice cream treat dates
 photo IMG_3553_zpsc6fe10c9.jpg
sunshine and my dog
 photo IMG_3549_zpsb55a9241.jpg
lots of accesseries
 photo IMG_3816_zps74d5d7ee.jpg
my favorite photo - snapped a picture as they were walking home from school - love their relationship
 photo IMG_3808_zpsf1c045c5.jpg
grampy and the whole fam after a big win!!!!
 photo IMG_3758_zpsae630e0f.jpg
sweet notes from keagan left on his sisters pillows with lollipops
 photo IMG_3757_zps83cb6524.jpg
 photo IMG_3705_zpsd3091bda.jpg
after gemstone science unit at school - on a mining hike
 photo IMG_3674_zps91d67901.jpg
more ice cream
 photo IMG_3595_zps74a9c894.jpg
emery and her sweet preschool teacher at valentines concert
 photo IMG_3583_zps5f412d2e.jpg
valentines talent show 
 photo IMG_3563_zps2ca49485.jpg
puppy training class - he was the cutest and best dog by far:)
 photo IMG_3463_zps252e5b10.jpg
more shaving cream painting