Friday, August 14, 2009

mcmurray family summer reunion

The boys count down the days all year for the summer lake trip with the McMurray Family. This year we went to our lake place and the rest of the family rented a cabin in the same resort. We had a blast until the flu virus started. . . not fun. Here are some pics of the week. I could not choose so hang in there. Keagan was so thrilled to catch this HUGE BASS! He could barley get it in. It is the largest fish he has caught yet.

Emery loves the lake. . someone is always holding her!

Our trailer is so tiny that this is where Emery sleeps. Yep. . up on a shelf. We bought the trailer when we were a family of five. . .2 weeks before we fond out we were going to be a family of six.

Lucia swims and swims and swims. . warming up with Papa after a swim.

Cousin Lauren and Kinkade enjoying many nights at the campfire with smores.

Lauren and Bridget loved having a baby cousin. She got tons of attention from them.

Lucia loves Uncle Adam. . okay Lucia loves everyone!

Fabulous wine at the lake. . what could be better!
The kids fished and fished and fished some more.
Everyone giving Daddy a fun wagon ride.
Aunt Cathy and her two darling girls.
We had such a fun week. . .even if the flu virus tried to attack us.

Monday, August 10, 2009

july highlights

We have been crazy busy around the mcmurray household with lake trips, concerts, cheese making, and lots of friends and family. Aaron's biggest highlight was going to Coldplay at the Gorge with two of our favorite couples .. . the Humes and the Millers. It was amazing! Best show I have ever seen! But I did not get any pics:(
Here are a few highlights that I did get pics of. . . skinny dipping with dad in the rain. . dad has shorts on:)
cutest buns on the planet. . swimming with auntie goonie our dear friend Megan!
happy baby girl
more auntie goonie!
isn't she beautiful. . we love her . . and love it when she comes to visit!

kinkade earned blue belt - here he is holding the board he broke for his blue belt test!

the boys off to cross country camp with grampy for four days! it was so weird to just have girls around here.

cheese making at the goat farm with my dear friends. . don't ask why we went goat farm cheese making together. . it was crazy!

my sweet friend mandolyn is having twins so we celebrated at the goat farm with a cheese making class then off to a farm B&B ( i missed this part b/c I needed to get home to feed emery but had a interesting fun day away with friends before I headed home.
the boys caught their first crawdad at tisha's lake place.. . what a fun day!
sweet emery at the lake

dad and emery
this is what I found the other night. . she is banished outside from now on at nights.
my crazy fun chaotic four leaf clover!
keagan and I had cooking camp here for a week while kinkade went to taekwondo camp. . we made something new everyday.
okay this was from june but I forgot to post swim lesson pictures of course lucia loved every minute and went with the three year olds b/c she is so brave and she was not even two yet.
the boys learned to dive at swim lessons!