Friday, September 27, 2013

we found the beach with mel

our first adventure in oregon included meeting mel and her family at the beach.  the boys were with cousins on a camping trip, so the girls and i headed to the coast!
 photo IMG_5303_zps5f4c182b.jpg
 photo IMG_5337_zps86e9379e.jpg
 photo IMG_5317_zpsa7afd3b2.jpg
 photo IMG_5327_zpse90043a4.jpg
 photo IMG_5314_zps79219e0e.jpg
 photo IMG_5341_zps1ecc16df.jpg
 photo IMG_5326_zps7c6ea18f.jpg
 photo IMG_5352_zpsf94bdd8b.jpg
 photo IMG_5354_zps5073f8dc.jpg
 photo IMG_5355_zpsacec51ca.jpg

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


we made an excruciating decision to move to portland.  hardest decision we have ever made. we LOVE everything about Spokane and our life there, but felt a calling to Portland.  aaron got an amazing job offer at a college in SE portland - he is passionate about their mission and commitment to urban ministry. everything. about. moving. has. been. hard! to sum it up it has been heart wrenching sad, exciting, and alot of work. i have never cried so much in my entire life.
here are some goodbyes.  we also had an incredible goodbye party, and somehow i don't have any photos.
 photo IMG_5269_zpsbf05353b.jpg
leaving grampy and grammy was the hardest!
 photo IMG_5266_zps61929f38.jpg
 photo IMG_5141_zpsa089f866.jpg
we said goodbye to janny, ryan, and hallie multiple times
 photo IMG_5239_zpsed993f4e.jpg
Buth BFFS!
 photo IMG_5260_zps0d98d12e.jpg
we had to leave murphy in spokane, but she loves grammy's house and she is being spoiled rotten. 
 photo IMG_5240_zpse1b20877.jpg
the boys miss their midway friends so much. 
 photo IMG_5144_zps8e196e8c.jpg
isaac took the boys out for froyo to say goodbye. . so sweet. 
 photo IMG_5230_zps16260470.jpg
 photo IMG_5273_zps3d5833d9.jpg
as it turns out leo is the best car traveler! 
 photo IMG_5281_zpsae10a05f.jpg
he sleeps and cuddles the whole time

Sunday, September 22, 2013

wedding of the year

this. wedding. was. gorgeous. in. every. way.  - i can't even put into words how fabulous and meaningful every last detail was.  the setting, the people, the weather, the decor - absolutely beautiful.  not to mention it was with our most precious family friends.  the murphys have been part of our life for a long time and are the boys godparents.  we love them and cherish their friendship so much.  aaron officiated the wedding and we got to be a part of all of it.  we stayed at a beautiful lodge and it was the perfect weekend amidst the chaos of moving.  i'm not sure how i managed to not get any pictures of the bride and groom or pat and patty.  but here are the shots i did get from the weekend.
 photo DSC_0583_zpsb4980c12.jpg
 photo IMG_5151_zps04eac8d3.jpg
 photo IMG_5182_zps4e4202a6.jpg
 photo DSC_0595_zpsbbefa9c5.jpg
 photo IMG_5200_zpsef3dd23d.jpg
 photo IMG_5192_zps615c72b4.jpg
 photo IMG_5205_zpsd06ec963.jpg
 photo DSC_0592_zpse644a43e.jpg
 photo IMG_5160_zps44e7cf51.jpg
 photo IMG_5280_zpsf2a9ad4b.jpg
 photo IMG_5224_zps1a71091d.jpg

Monday, September 16, 2013

snapshots of summer 2013

here is a little window into what felt like a very full summer. . .
 photo IMG_5045_zps202c3002.jpg
lots of sunset walks to get ice cream at the lake
 photo IMG_5083_zps77f6a140.jpg
we made it to penticton to celebrate our anniversary 
 photo IMG_5060_zps06ab1899.jpg
nights at the lake with peanut butter cup smores
 photo IMG_5112_zpsc238fc78.jpg
always park time
 photo IMG_5042_zps41c4ab1c.jpg
emery carries this baby everywhere
 photo IMG_5108_zps592810d4.jpg
keagan was invited to play summer league for the warriors and gary bell jr. was the coach - AWESOME!
 photo IMG_5134_zps9e956610.jpg
leo got a bad haircut but we still love him
 photo IMG_5124_zps2fb05885.jpg
splash pad fun 

the fourth - 2013

in the midst of a BIG MOVE more to come on that! we were in the middle of packing and cleaning but managed to get to the lake to celebrate a little. . .
 photo DSC_0557_zps35b7b538.jpg
there are sooooo many girls at the lake! 
 photo DSC_0531_zps0c033f20.jpg
ali painted everyone's toes 
 photo DSC_0489_zps5a07e408.jpg
this sweet baby hallie spent the day with us!
 photo DSC_0523_zpsd10a3c91.jpg
always crazy
 photo DSC_0501_zps611051be.jpg
i love this picture of beautiful janny and sweet hallie
 photo DSC_0472_zpsd4507d39.jpg
been friends since they were little
 photo DSC_0530_zps20ad6168.jpg
festive kabobs
 photo DSC_0473_zps23d2c6c3.jpg
a great pair
 photo DSC_0502_zpsf26b9749.jpg
cutest family on the planet
 photo DSC_0482_zps3133e7df.jpg
they call each other best friends
 photo DSC_0537_zps7b99c575.jpg
lucia's favorite spot to swim