Friday, October 29, 2010

sneak peak costumes. . first round trick or treating

so exhausted after trick-or-treating at whitworth. . .
our little monkey who makes us laugh all the time .. . lucia picked out her costume. she truly is a monkey. . crazy, silly, active, and full of surprises!
her first lollipop. . maybe the best thing that has ever happened to her!
crazy mcmurray kids! i love the girls laughing at their brothers.
our keagan who always knows "the cool" he is a cool darling mario.kinkade our knight in shining armor. the sweetest boy i know. his wife is going to be so blessed someday. he is so thoughtful. our joyful bengal tiger. lucia decided after keagan's first grade report last year she was going to be a bengal tiger for halloween. i thought when i had girls that we would have pink sparkely butterfly costumes. i guess not when you have two older brothers and a non-fufu mom. the monkey. . . mario. . the bengal tiger. . and the knight! who knew this would be life as we know it!

Friday, October 22, 2010

crisp air and happy kids!

some favorite fall pictures from the last couple weeks. . . enjoy! we LOVE it here in the fall!putting up grammy's ghosts a favorite fall tradition.
aaron got to go on lucia's field trip to greenbluff and of course bring emery. . notice the dad outfits. . always jeans and t-shirts!
kinkade loves to play in the leaves he talks about it year around. now he has two little sisters to join in on the fun!
look at my baby getting way too old. . sigh!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

lots of football and soccer!

the boys have been busy with tons of flag football and soccer they love it! here they are last weekend. . i finally got a few pics without chasing a baby around (she was at grandma and papas for the weekend.) lucia is loving playing with siblings at the games.
the football dance. . . . mmmmm . . we need to work on being humble:)
new fun football friends!
kinkade loves this pic because i told he is too fast for me to get on camera!
they love this picture because kinkade is blocking for his brothers touchdown.

keagan brought the class stuffed polar bear home for the weekend so we got lots of pics with him.
it is so fun watching these boys play. . . loving this stage!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

haircut finally!

lulu has really really needed a haircut. i have always gone to Blades! so grammy and i took lucia for her first "real" haircut. she was so excited but when we got there she turned into the shyest little girl ever. she never said one word the entire haircut. which is so not like her. . . she never stops talking. it looks so cute!
the final product with Ed!
we went for a special baby sparkle vanilla scone from starbucks on our way home. after she downed the scone i looked back to see this dead asleep!

she cracks me up! first haircut a success!