Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Baby. . . almost 32 weeks!

So here is a profile pic of our baby girl. It is from the 20 week ultrasound b/c this last ultrasound last Friday she was moving so much we could not get a good pic except of her fuzzy hair. I could not believe it she has sticky up fuzzy hair already. We are dying to know the color. Red like Keagans, brown like Kinkades and Daddys, black like mommy's and Lucias or blonde like cousins and Grandma's hair. Maybe someday they will have ultrasounds in color prob. by the time Whitney has babies yes I said babies b/c whit is going to have twins!!!!! I just know it and can't wait!

The pregnancy is going perfectly we can't believe it. God made a McMurray baby it is so incredible. I am almost 32 weeks this coming Wednesday. I am finally not throwing up anymore which is really awesome. .although I was kind of just getting used to throwing up everyday as part of the routine. I am very uncomfortable and tired but there is light at the end of the tunnel. This baby moves ALL the time. People from across the room can watch my stomach move all over the place. Our doctor thinks it is so evident because I was so big with the boys that I am super stretchy and can feel everything. Mmmmmmmm . . that might explain the "never wear a bikini again stomach" if you are a close friend you know our fond nickname for my really ugly stomach after the twins:)

We have the c-section scheduled for April 15th at 7:15 am! I was so excited because I chose her Birthday on the 15th b/c #15 is the best number in the whole world. I was number #15 every team I ever played on since I was little, and I of course was #15 when we were state champs, and June 15th is my birthday. So I was thrilled. . . .until I started telling people and this is what I heard almost every time "Oh TAX DAY!"
So now we are in a dilemma I am not excited about her birthday anymore b/c I do not want her to hear the rest of her life . . .oh tax day!! No offense but it is mostly men who have said this to me. Is she going to hear this for the rest of her life. . when I could of picked any date during that week. I was so proud of myself now I feel bad. Now I know most people don't pick the Birthday of their child you get what you get. . but their is nothing traditional about the way McMurrays add babies to their families. Help me on this issue should we change the date?

I keep getting asked if we are still overwhelmed . . . . um YES! But I know with my whole heart God has an amazing plan in all of this. Clean ears, and cut finger and toe nails are really stressing me out. 10 ears to keep clean (aaron is responsible for his own.) Okay this might seem weird but when I taught First grade it totally grossed me out when I was reading with kids and they had waxy yucky ears. 50 fingernails to keep cut and clean and 50 toenails to keep cut and clean. Long fingernails with dirt are so yuck! Oh and the milk we already go through about 4-5 gallons a week. I am also really nervous about nursing with the most active toddler on the planet trashing the house! We are going to be okay I really do know this but 4 kids. . . YIKES it still totally freaks me out.

The ultrasound said she is 4.6 pounds at this point in the 71st percentile. I think she has already passed up Lucia in the womb:) I have gotten the question where is this baby going to go in your house. . am I doing a new nursery? No Way as Lucia would say. She is going to share the nursery with Lucia. . .. another fun vintage painted crib! The only thing I am worried about is sharing the closet. . . Lucia has it jammed packed! The closet might be an issue as long as they share a room. The boys share a closet and I have never thought twice about it infact we are adding shelves to it b/c there is barley anything hanging.

Okay the really fun question NAMES. . . . ???????? We have our list but have not decided. We have decided on the middle name but it is a secret. It is a family name we love and goes really well with all of our choices. We have used family names for all the kids and Aaron and I have family names for our middle name. We will wait to meet her before we decide just like the boys and Lucia. Maybe I will post our list soon . . and maybe not.

Cute litte foot pic!

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss it is a girl! I had her check again this last Friday. Still a girl!
I know I did not post any belly shots. Getting my picture taken is just not my favorite thing at this point. I don't feel cute. But I will post some soon I promise. Check back in for the belly! Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the Birthday issue - Favorite number vs. Tax Day! I know the favorite number thing is silly. . . . once an athlete always an athlete although I can't run a block or jump an inch anymore.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day at the McMurrays

We took the boys on a special last Hooray before the baby weekend! It was a Valentines surprise and we wanted to have some intentional big brother conversations before a newborn is in our house. We went for the night to CDA Idaho to a hotel that has a water park connected. But the big hit in CDA is always Red Lobster the boys all time favorite restaurant. . because they LOVE crab legs especially cracking them. They have crab legs on the kids menu! Lucia in her Valentines outfit. . although she has been wearing Valentines outfits for the last 2 weeks since she has the best hand-me-downs on the planet from Anna and Quincy. This is the same Valentines sweater she wore last year at 8 months old. She is so tiny.
Here are the boys at the water park. they They were brave enough to go down all the slides this time.
I had a great time helping at the boys Kinder Valentines party. It was very organized and elaborate. Crown and necklace made for me and waiting at the pre-valentine party meeting for the helpers. Kinkade at the party. Keagan at the party. I overheard the sweetest twin brother conversation during the party. They both had made a special secret valentine for each other. Right when they got their bags to open they dug through to find the one from their brother and then raced to each other -
Keagan said, "This is my very favorite valentine I got."
Kinkade replied, "This is the best valentine I have ever gotten Keagan!"
Kinkade and Keagan worked for 2 weeks prior to the party making handmade valentines for each classmate all 20 of them. They worked so hard and they spent hours and hours making each one special and unique. I was so proud of their persistence and all thoughtfulness.

Hope everyone had a special Valentines Day with their family. It wasn't our most romantic Valentines Day but one of the most meaningful with the family. We are off to a big Valentines Dinner at Grammy and Grampys to finish the weekend festivities and we all know Grammy goes all out for Holidays. Now I know I said the next post would be a baby post but if you look closely you can see in the pics of me and the boys there is a sneak peak of my tummy. I am waiting to scan the ultra-sound pictures and we don't have a scanner, and we have our 31 week appoinment and another ultrasound this coming Friday to scedule the c-section. So the post is still in the works and it will have the most current information. Stay tuned. . . .

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Forever Family Celebration Dinner

My Mom ordered and made a fabulous authentic Guatemalan dinner for Lucia's Forever Family Dinner. Here she is in her Guatemalan dress that was her special gift this year. When we traveled to Guatemala I collected 18 small gifts for her for each year on her Forever Family Day . This is her new smile for the camera. . . so hilarious!
Daddy and Lucia singing "Happy Forever Family Day!"
She loved the singing but kept yelling "No Way!" throughout the song. We have moved from "No," to "No way" now.
Somebody please help me raise girls I think I am failing miserably and there is another one on the way.

The boys new favorite dessert Tres Leches cake it has become the family favorite. It is a hit! I think I might end up making it for every ones Birthday.

Grammy always sets such a pretty table.
Okay for those of you who have been asking for baby details and a belly post it is in the works and next. . . .

Monday, February 2, 2009


This is Lucia's new move when she is getting in trouble! Are you kidding me? Where has she even ever seen this? Right when you are explaining why she is going to time out she does this! This kid is one and half years old. . . we are so in for it!