Sunday, December 15, 2013

a big surprise

we gave the boys tickets to their first NBA game for their birthday - trailblazers vs. the Thunder.  . . what they didn't know was we had planned for their 3 besties to drive down from spokane and surprise them and go to the game with them! they had no idea when the boys showed up at the door.  it was awesome and they could not stop jumping around and smiling! the boys came back for a sleepover, then we had breakfast our favorite portland joint for breakfast.
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 photo unnamed_zps33d785c1.jpg
 photo IMG_6347_zpsf387a706.jpg
 photo unnamed_zps83feea5b.jpg
 photo DSC_0713_zps4b487971.jpg
 photo IMG_6351_zpsc22e6ab4.jpg
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thanksgiving in spokane

we spent the whole week in spokane for thanksgiving. . .and it was bittersweet.  it was filled with birthday dinners, sleepovers, dinners out with friends, coffee dates, lunch dates, ice-skating, tons of play dates, birthday breakfasts, cuddling with grandparents, movies, ping pong, hikes, turkey bowl. . . it was full of family and friends and it was really rough coming back.
 photo DSC_0680_zpsa83821fa.jpg
hikes with Mel
 photo DSC_0690_zpse730101d.jpg
turkey bowl
 photo IMG_6287_zps75f5d38e.jpg
cuddling with grampy
 photo DSC_0691_zps6283911c.jpg
lucia the artist
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 photo DSC_0676_zpse78f4ce7.jpg
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all three in a twin bed 
 photo DSC_0672_zpsf4321929.jpg
making pumpkin pie with dad
 photo IMG_6336_zpsfb0b7fec.jpg

quick trip home

yes. . i called it home. .because it still feels like home and portland just doesn't.  emery and i made a quick weekend trip home for a memorial service.  she was a champ in the car and i know she loved all the attention!
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 photo IMG_5882_zpscf94677c.jpg
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

october highlights

more fall . . .
 photo IMG_6167_zps656309a6.jpg
many walks at the dog park
 photo IMG_6203_zps5224fbe4.jpg
emery face painting at the her preschool fall festival with her dear teacher
 photo IMG_6188_zpsc1bf43bd.jpg
fun weekend with kiely's and edwards
 photo IMG_6110_zpsa084d8c1.jpg
halloween 2013
 photo IMG_6093_zpsa2dd805f.jpg
cake pop dates 
 photo IMG_6156_zps56c8738a.jpg
fall outfits
 photo IMG_6104_zpsb4d72f90.jpg
favorite halloween treats
 photo IMG_6103_zps78c2dc09.jpg
mt. hood sunrise
 photo IMG_6100_zps1aef3cb2.jpg
new short haircut
 photo IMG_6078_zps1c2d7aff.jpg
another ikea day
 photo IMG_6012_zps38879452.jpg
first day with the keys to the house
 photo IMG_6068_zps3d2d1cb7.jpg
quick get away to san diego
 photo IMG_6027_zpsdde6b2fe.jpg
practice at Portland Timbers field 
 photo IMG_6040_zpse1bb8406.jpg
fall and mt. hood
 photo IMG_6005_zps1f960d67.jpg
dinner out with the boys 
 photo IMG_6007_zps15eb1464.jpg
kinkade's turn at the Timbers game

september 2013

here are some quick highlights from september. . still trying to catch up!
 photo IMG_5914_zps8c085390.jpg
lots of soccer 
 photo IMG_6196_zpsc7220ef6.jpg
we have a great view of mt. hood
 photo IMG_5763_zpsdb09da35.jpg
lucia's heaven in a candy shop
 photo IMG_5798_zps615668cf.jpg
care free emery 
 photo IMG_5791_zps43d27d46.jpg
mt. taber picnics 
 photo IMG_5913_zps2a7b29ca.jpg
soccer in oregon
 photo IMG_5900_zpsa3c483ba.jpg
loving gymnastics and ballet
 photo IMG_5765_zps694dc030.jpg
candy shop dates with the cousins
 photo IMG_5847_zps80875dc6.jpg
sweet ballet class