Thursday, February 24, 2011

cold mornings at home

it has gotten so cold. . here are some snapshots of february cold mornings at home. today was a snow day - no school for all of us. of course some hot tub time in the new snow. last weekend we did a scavenger hunt for the kids to reveal where grammy and grampy are taking us for spring break. aaron wrote riddles all over the house.
new snow. .
our sweet kinkade who loves to be all wrapped up in a blanket. every morning he walks around wrapped in a blanket the first hour he is awake.
we have discovered multi-grain pancakes. blueberry multi-grain pancakes are so delicious. emery loves to stir.
this cracked me up. she loves her babies.
we are trying to make the best of the cold weather. . but i am ready for spring!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentines love. . .

we had a wonderful busy valentines day! i love that my boys make homemade valentines every year. i thought this would be the year they were to old or cool. . but no they decided to make every kid in their class a special paper airplane and decorate each one with a theme that person loves. . like mario, seahawks, flowers, cats. . . they turned out great! i spent the weekend somewhere sunny with friends it was beyond fabulous. we collected heart rocks on the beach for our valentines at home. . . more to come next post!
i found murphy on the stairs like this. . lucia made her a valentine.
i actually made valentine cookies and they were actually good. . this is a major accomplishment for me!
i love these tulips my sweet valentine got me. . .
hope you felt loved on valentines day! we ended with a special dinner my parents brought over and lots of cute underwear for everyone. . of course!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a new world so stinkin cute!

lucia loves it. . every single minute of it! emery loves most of it just not the bars and balancing beam. the boys love coming and watching although it totally stresses them out when emery is not following directions. whole new world little girls in pink leotards. . . so fun!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

lighz out = the spoilers

the boys played in their first official keep score basketball league. we were all second graders and we played in the y competitive third grade league. some games great idea . . some games worst idea we've ever had. over all it was a good season of learning and improving. there were 14 teams and our goal was to finish in the top half. . well we were fifth. there was one huge highlight of the season. . . . we beat the undefeated team the last game of the season. they had not lost yet and we had a spectacular night and won! my dad and i coached. i have not yet coached the boys and it was a good experience for all of us. my dad explained the term "spoilers" to the boys - we spoiled their undefeated record!

Monday, February 7, 2011

time to move to the back burner mom!

this little boy of mine has made the transition. .. he has always been an extreme mama's boy attached every second he could be. there were many periods in his toddler years he would not let anyone else hold him or touch him. i was told that there would come a time when he would idealize his dad and i would take the back burner. and this could not be more true these days. it has happened gradually but it has definitely happened.our red headed passionate, talented, affectionate, emotional, full- of- life keagan wants to be just like dad!
he had a red Mohawk for a couple of years and his eyes still get me. . . i never thought i would have a blue eyed little boy!
it hit big this weekend when we were in staples getting valentine supplies and keagan came over with a black leather journal that he wanted to buy with his spending money. now if you know aaron very well. . .you are aware he has way too many leather journals. i started making a list in my mind of all the big and little things where keagan is following in his dad's footsteps right now. .

- keagan points out all suburbans as we drive which aaron has been doing since we started dating.

- keagan loves Notre Dame Football. . which his dad has been the biggest fan since he was little.

- keagan begs us to see lord of the rings since his dad is obsessed. so aaron has started showing him a few scenes. now he draws maps of the scenes in his journal.. . that is his leather journal and of course he got his love of maps from his dad.

- keagan reads tintin and asterix the gaul - comic strip books that his dad read when he was little.

- keagan is excelling at the piano just like his dad.

- aaron has this weird thing where he never sits on the couch to watch tv or movies he sits on the floor leaning against the couch. . well you will only find keagan on the floor watching college hoops or a movie never on the couch.

- keagan is already obsessed with cell phones mmmmmmmm. . . like his dad has been since the first one came out.

- MUSIC! oh boy their love of music . . they talk music all the time. . . keagan loves all the music that dad does. . especially coldplay!

- it has gotten so bad that i have to tell aaron not to ever say he does not like any certain food or i will hear the same words out of keagan's mouth a few days later. ."um mom please don't put any onions in mine."

thank god i adore his dad and think there is no man on this earth i would rather keagan idealize and follow in his steps.

love you keagan it is such a fun ride watching you grow up!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 years home. . . forever family day!

we celebrated this precious, brilliant, funny, joyful, sweet little girl being home for three years yesterday! she requested baskin-n-robbins and pupcakes from starbucks (she has been eyeing them for quite some time!)
here she is with her special Guatemalan gift . . . perfect for her age learning her letters and how to write her name. yes that is chocolate ice cream on her mouth!
posing with all her requested treats! sprinkle ice-cream cones, chocolate ice cream and bubble gum ice cream for her brothers and of course the cupcakes (btw go to starbucks for coffee not cupcakes they were less than amazing:)
we celebrated with -
- treats of course!
- swimming at the Y with Dad and emery
- she requested the boys make her an obstacle course - her favorite game with her brothers.
- and my favorite part we watched her coming home video that whitney made for us! what would we do w/o the murphys in our life?!!! they bless our family in so many ways! we will watch that video every year on forever family day it is amazing!!

here are the links to her coming home day, first year , second year if you are interested!

love you lulu you are a ray of sunshine to everyone you meet!
adopting you is the best thing this family has ever done!!!!!!