Tuesday, July 31, 2007

WE HAVE A NAME! Lucia Jacinta Shean McMurray

Twin Brothers ready to be Big Brothers! Thanks Uncle Bryan for the T-shirts!
My new favorite picture!
Dad always is bouncing me and making up songs just like he did with my brothers.
We could not kiss her enough.
Wearing Anna Millers jammies she looked so cute!
Aaron's favorite picture of Lucy
She slept, smiled, ate, and looked cute! She was the easiest baby in the world. We are so blessed. God has been so faithful. He picked the perfect baby for us.
She makes this adorable "O" face all the time. Our god-daughter Lindsay used to make the same face
Lucia is ready to dance with her brother Keagan.
I love sleeping pictures. . . I can't stop taking them. She is so peaceful and sweet.
This picture looks so much like how she really looks in person. It captures her.
My mom made this dress for her, and the sweater, the socks, a darling hat that was too big, and yes she made shoes to match! Grammy Sparkle goes all out!
I miss her! Look at that baby!
We are home! The boys are great and we were so glad to see them. We were aching for those two energy-filled boys! Thanks again for all the prayers. We felt strength and a sense of amazing peace giving her back. She is in good hands and we both feel a deep sense of calling to this journey. We prayed for her many many times when we were there. I miss her terribly and more than anything would love to have her home with us, but I know she will be someday and it will all be worth it. Here is the meaning behind why we chose her name.

Lucia - I have always loved the name Lucy. All my dolls were Lucy when I was a little girl and we wanted a name that sounded both American and had a Latin feel to honor her culture.

Jacinta - The name of her Guatemalan grandmother, who died of cancer a year ago. We can shorten Jacinta to Jane which is Aaron's mom's middle name.

Shean - My middle name, my mom's middle name, and my grandmother's maiden name.

So. . . all three grandmothers are honored in her name.

Nicknames that have already emerged -

Lucy Jane
Baby Lu Lu
Lucia Maria (my mom always calls me Darcia Maria - why? - who knows?????)

**** We also have great news to share, while we were there with Lucia she went for her DNA appointment. You can read about that part of the process in the adoption process post. It is the first major step that needs to be completed. During the DNA appointment the Birth mother is there and they match their DNA samples. Our agency also conducts an informal interview with the Birth mother. She is given the choice to share as much information as she wishes to us and eventually to Lucia. We learned many details about Lucia's family that will be precious to her someday. We also received many pictures of the Birth mother holding Lucia in the little white dress we put her in that morning. We think it is really special that her Birth mother, Foster mother (she took her to the appointment), and her forever parents all held her in the same day and we all love her so much.

Her birth mother had a very loving message for Lucia that made us cry, yet I think they are the perfect words someday for Lucia to hear about the life her mother chose for her and she did it because she loved her so much. I thank God for her Birth mother every day and ask Him to take care of her and bless her family.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Trip #1 Day 2 & 3 in Guatemala

This is my new favorite pic. I absolutley love the dimples!
The boys wanted a picture of her with the purple hippo to see exactly how big she is in comparison. We built the hippo as a family with a voice chip in it, so she will hear our voices over and over. Everyone chose one thing to say to her.
Mom - I love you come home soon.
Dad - We love you baby sister
Kinkade - I love you my baby sister I want you to come home
Keagan - Always Rejoice (classic Keagan:)

Pretty in Pink

Always sleeping. . .

Mom and baby sister out to Italian dinner. The best Italian dinner I have ever had!

I think I'm going to love my dad! He is so hansome. (Janny and Ryan check out my outfit.)

Cuddling by the pool.

Check out this bow Murphy girls and my super dimple!

Oh yeah, my mom and dad think they have the name. . . 99.9% sure. We will go public next post!

Thanks for all the comments and prayers. We have felt them in every way. I love reading the comments they are so encouraging to us on this journey. We have had an amazing trip. She has been so much fun. We have relaxed, ate great food and enjoyed every minute of caring for our sweet baby. I can 't believe she already smiles at only one month old. We stare at her all day! She is so tiny. . . we are guessing maybe 6.5 or 7 pounds might be pushing it. She has her second doctors appointment the day after we leave so we will find out her exact weight in a medical report that our agency will send. Pray for us tomorrow as we hand her back to her loving Foster Mom. I am sure part of my heart is going to be left here in Guatemala.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Trip #1 Day 1 She is an angel baby!

Look at this precious face!
I love my daddy and the bow Grammy made me.

Hey. . . who are you guys again?

My mom loves to dress me in brown. . . .mmm

First nap with mom.

Hanging out with Dad before bed.

Are you really going to be my mom?

She is so beautiful and you should see her in person. . . she is soooooo tiny!

I have got the cutest dimples:)

Bath time!

First of many laughing sessions with Dad!

My mom doesn't look like a foo foo girl, but she keeps changing my outfit and putting bows in my hair.

First time holding her and listening to the foster mom.

Maybe my favorite picture yet.

We have been so blessed. Everything has gone so smoothly. She is more beautiful than the pictures could ever portray. She is so easy! She slept like a princess last night . Aaron and I switched off only two feedings, and then she went right back to sleep. She is a great eater. She is the sweetest cutest little girl. We loved her pictures when we first saw them and now we love her!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Our First Baby Sister update - July social pictures

4 more days until I get to kiss that sweet face!
Uncle Damian she is making the monkey face for you - she is going to fit right in:)

I love it when babies stretch I just want to reach in the computer and pick her up!

We just received pictures from Angela's July social visit. This is where all the foster moms get together in one location with the baby they are caring for and the FM manager of our agency takes pictures of all the babies. These particular pictures were taken July 16th so she would of been about 2 weeks old. We will normally receive these pictures around the 22nd/23rd of each month. I was hoping we would get to see an update and pictures before we leave next week on Wednesday. She is so sweet. . . I love her in yellow. I cannot post the pictures of her with her Foster Mom, but they brought me so much peace seeing how she is looking at her. You can just tell she adores her. I can't sleep at night when I think about her and holding her for the first time. . . I am beyond excited! We will meet her on her one month birthday. Pray for us as we prepare the boys. This is the longest we have been away from them. They will be with both sets of grandparents while we are gone. We are still waiting to name her until we hold her and see her little personality. We will post while we are in Guatemala. I might take a few pictures. . . ha!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The flights are booked!

I can't stop staring at these precious pictures. I can't wait to hold her!
14 Days and counting!

We are off to Guatemala to meet our sweet new baby girl. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!
The soonest we can go is July 25th and we will be there until July 30. She will get to stay with us the entire time at a hotel in Guatemala City. We cannot leave the hotel with her but who needs to. . . we are just going to hold her, cuddle her and stare at her! The outfits, baby bottles, blankets, bibs, ect. . . are already out in our bedroom ready to be packed. I ordered Spanish board books on line today. . . praying her foster mom will read to her.
A huge answer to prayer we found out wonderful information about her foster family that is going to be taking care of her. I have been in contact with another family from our agency that had their baby girl in her care. They adore the family and can't say enough wonderful things about them. It gives us such peace of mind to know even though she cannot be in our arms she is being loved. . . Praise God! She could spend the first 6 months of her life with this family and it is such a relief to hear such good things. It has been a whirlwind since the day we got the phone call. I was absolutely shocked I had posted the same day to say we were at least 5 down on the list and it would be soon but not for awhile. The next day we had a trip planned to Penticton, Canada to celebrate our 10 year anniversary ( a little early.) We went and had a fabulous time - wine tasting, laying in the sun, eating great food and staring at her pictures we received. Since we have been back it has been a whirlwind of booking flights, sending new paperwork, meeting with the notary, taking medical records to our pediatrician, and staring at her pictures some more:) We are thrilled to say the least. Please pray that she is growing and gaining weight. I will post another picture because she is so beautiful. I am in love!
Oh yes, the name question. . . we have not decided but think we have it narrowed down to two. We are going to wait until we meet her and hold her. I promise when we come back she will have a name.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

We are thrilled to introduce our new baby girl!!!!!!!!!!

We are proud to introduce our new baby girl.
Born June 28
Birth name Angela Daniela
5 lbs 6 oz

We are on cloud nine
Thank you God

Fourth of July @ Murphy Bay

Whitney and Kinkade with Sparklers!
Yes, the boys caught a fish. . . don't be fooled it was a sucker fish.

Dad and Kinkade cuddling at the campfire.

Our modest, shy Keagan - Ha!

Kinkade loved fishing he has been practicing casting and reeling into the street all spring waiting for this moment.

I wanted to share some pics from the Fourth! We had the most wonderful time at Murphy Bay. We have a fabulous tradition of going up to Pat and Patty's (the boys godparents and our dearest friends) lake cabin at Murphy Bay. Kinkade whispered in my ear as we watched the firework's across the lake around the campfire "this has been my favorite day ever mom!"
Keagan chimed in to say it was his new favorite holiday. We swam, ate, did tons of fireworks, fished, played, sat around the campfire and had smores, and slept hard! It was the perfect lake day! During the day I couldn't help praying that next year there is sweet little toddler with us to splash around. I have to confess I already bought her a fourth of July sun dress and bathing suit. . . I couldn't resist. Just try and walk past the baby girl 4rth of July attire at old navy it is impossible. We are currently at 11 weeks this coming Saturday. Anytime the phone should ring, yet I know at least 4 families in front of us on the waiting list for a girl. In the meantime we are enjoying summer around here. Here are some pictures from yesterday. Thanks for checking in with the blog it means a lot to me. Make sure you check the last post and vote for a name. It has been so much fun to read every one's feedback.