Friday, September 10, 2010

lulu is off to BIG preschool!

lulu had her official first day of BIG preschool this thursday and loved every second. we are thrilled with her teacher she is the same as the boys had. and truly she is the best preschool teacher God ever created! i asked lucia about mrs. B after her first day and her reply was "mrs. B loves me all the time!" so cute!

she is looking so much older in this picture. we asked her what her favorite thing she did in preschool was and she said "animal rections." mmmmmmmm i cracked up and finally figured out it was a song with animal "directions" where you pretended you were different animals. she also said we played recess!
is this not the cutest backpack ever. . . it is really not that big just looks big compared to lucia.

i feel like we just brought her home and now she is off to big preschool. . what next college??
bye mom!

emery yelling and waving goodbye again . . then there was one left at home:) at least a couple days a week.
daddy brought lucia by work on their way to school so I could get a big hug and fix her hair dad tried to do:)
i love how she is concentrating and sitting here at her seat.
i had to add two pictures of preschool open house. . grammy took her and they had a blast!
i know you will have a fabulous year at big preschool lucia but in the process please stop growing up!!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

k&k second grade!

i can't believe it my boys went to SECOND GRADE today! they look gigantic. when did they get so big and grown up????? they have been counting down the days! every other first day of school they have been in cute plaid shorts and a cute t-shirt. . . well gone are those days notice cool Zags basketball shorts and shirt and flashy dry fit Nike soccer shirt. they are my little athletes and now apparently we have to dress like athletes even on the first day of school.
always goofin around. . . i have 800 pictures that look like this.
so big!

kinkade at his desk.
keagan at his desk. . . yes they are still in the same class. they do great together and love to be in the same class!
the backpack shot!
daddy took this picture with their sisters before he walked them to school. they are the sweetest big brothers on the planet.
waving and YELLING BYE!!! emery loves to yell BYE!! aaron said they could still hear her all the way down the block. she thought she was pretty funny.
happy first day to my first babies! i can't wait to hear how it went.