Tuesday, February 23, 2010

mornings at the park

The last couple days in Spokane have been so sunny and clear. I did not say warm but sunny! So we have bundled up and headed to the park in the mornings. It is so great to be outside with the sun. I love taking the kids to the park and feel so blessed that I have gotten to be home this year to have mornings at the park. We are currently praying and making big decisions about what next year is going to look like for me work wise and there are so many variables to consider. Instead of being stressed I am trying to not take one day for granted being home with these precious girls. I love getting the boys off to a great start in the mornings and greeting them on the doorstep when they get home to hear about their day. Staying home is one of the hardest things I've every done but also one of the best things I've ever done. I have gotten to stay home the first year for each one of our kids and three for Lucia . . . and that is such a huge blessing.

Friday, February 19, 2010

happy crawling day emery pearl!

for real this time she is actually moving forward and crawling! our life will never be the same. she is so proud of herself. mark your calendars at 10.5 months old on feb. 19th emery pearl crawls! how else would you celebrate with a little photo shoot to mark the day. . it was sunny out and she was looking so cute!

love this sweet girl and this darling profile.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

angry. . .

right after i told lucia this morning that we were going to the dentist she started making this face. i asked her what her face meant and she replied "i am very angry with the dentist!"
she continued to make this face all the way to the office and of course just when we think we have had enough. . . we get this. . .

"little miss i will charm any ones socks off everywhere i go!"
sometimes i wonder why we taught her to name her feelings. . . her sauciness is through the roof right now. . God give me patience!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Go Bucs!

We are a BIG Whitworth University family! Both of my parents graduated from Whitworth. Both Aaron and I graduated from Whitworth. And now my mom and Aaron work at Whitworth and I coach Volleyball there. It is an amazing small Christian college with awesome community and an incredible mission. The Basketball team is on a 20 game winning streak. Friday was a huge game for them so we got all our gear on and went to cheer them on. The game was even televised. . . speaking of I could not get the camera guy away from Lucia. She is a magnet for people. . sometimes I feel like I am raising a celebrity:) Go Bucs!

Monday, February 15, 2010

valentines around here

Here is Lucia all ready to go to her Valentine's Party at Preschool. She said she needed to be fancy for the party! It was really fun the boys and I joined her for her party b/c they did not have school. They have been dying to see her preschool. They jumped right in on all the activities and loved it. The boys loved watching the little ones decorating their cookies.

Lucia asked me to get a picture of her fancy shoes that she picked out.
I had a Valentines party for the volleyball team here at the house. They all brought valentines for each other and decorated cookies and valentine mailboxes. Here is Emery with Kaipo and Kaimi. All ready for the party. . . . what is better than lots of markers and red and pink heart stickers. Can you tell I am a primary teacher.
The boys once again this year wanted to make all their valentines for school. So I learned after the first year of doing this not to try and control the project and "make them cute" because they have their own idea of what each Valentine should look like. They literally spent hours and hours and started 3 weeks early to get them all done.
I love how they are the most excited to make a valentines for each other. Here is Keagan's for Kinkade . . so sweet.
Last night we had Valentines Dinner at Grampy and Grammy's house and of course Grammy made it eventful and special. Here is the table with wine, tulips and presents for everyone.
The last two years my parents have made a special Valentines book for the kids from Snapfish. The theme last year was Star Wars and this year they wrote a fun valentines poem for each grandchild and the parents. The girls sat with us and listened to the book and the boys sat on Grampy's lap.
My husband is such a good sport every year my mom gets everyone special underwear for Valentines Day! This year he got bat man and even a cape to go with it. It was a little awkward the first few years now it has become "normal." Although he was disappointed I didn't get cat woman undies instead I got a fondue pot I have been wanting! Grammy and Lucia love the valentines treats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010


these girls could spend the whole day in the bath tub! and bubbles just made it even more fun! i love to stick them in the bath and put on fun music or read nursery rhymes to them. . . or even better yet get the bathroom cleaned:)

please pray for emery we cannot get her well. on monday we finally took her in after 6 weeks of a cold that would not go away and was told she had bronchitis. then i felt like she got way better by wednesday and thursday and today she woke up really coughing and as the day went on her fever got higher and higher. speaking of. . . can anyone give me a suggestion for a good thermometer. i feel like the worlds worst mom when i am trying to get the kids temperature. then when i call the nurse or go in to the dr. office i sound like such an idiot as i stumble through why i don't really know what there temperature is. . .. i cannot get an accurate read. we need a good thermometer any suggestions???????

Monday, February 8, 2010

exciting news for everyone!

Our whole family has BIG NEWS! First Kinkade he went on a special dad date to a Gonzaga Basketball game and got his picture with Kelly Olynyk after the game. So cool! Second Keagan . . . he went to a different Zags game and got his picture with Steven Gray! AWESOME! The boys were beyond excited to get to go to the games, have the best sandwiches ever at half-time, and then on top of all of it to each meet different players and get their pic taken. And of course as if that was not enough both nights Aaron stopped at DQ on the way home!!
Okay here is mom's big news . . . .wait for it. . . .I GOT A PEDICURE! So special and a really big splurge for me. If you know me I am not foo foo at all. . never wear any makeup, & I often find myself at Costco and realize I have forgotten to brush my hair and I truly believe showers are a total inconvenience and optional:) So getting my nails done is a huge treat. . . . I feel so pretty!

My other big news. . check out what my valentine brought me this morning. . . love the Starbucks cups with a heart! It's the little things these days. . .

Dad's BIG NEWS is the biggest of all - HE COMPLETED HIS DISSERTATION! We are so proud of him. He just got it back from his advisor with minor revisions. . then he will defend it to the committee and walk in May! Get ready for the biggest graduation party ever for Dr. McMurray in May!
Emery Pearl's big news. . . look who is almost crawling!
So proud of herself! Lucia's Big NEWS. . . She is wearing Big girl Panties. . and totally potty trained! I asked her to pose in her panties and this is what I got. It was a cinch should of done it a lot earlier.
And double big news for Lucia her first HAIRCUT! Don't ask why she is sticking out her tongue this tiny two year old has more spice and sass than I have ever seen!
So there it is . . pretty exciting around here!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

sun & sisters

i feel like i am in a whole new life now spending my days with two girls. . . . I spent five years with two boys and i am still amazed daily that i have two girls. i always just thought we would have boys and i loved every minute of having boys, but i am also loving having two girls. i also thought when I had two baby boys that turned into two toddler boys that are family was probably complete.. . . . since it was so hard to bring them into the world. never in my wildest dreams did i think we would have FOUR kids who all came to our family through miraculous journeys!
we have had a few days of sun in jan. and now feb. and it is glorious! it changes my whole mood and makes me want to dress everyone in yellow and green and head out for a walk and some sun. i love this set of pictures it really shows the girls personalities and the relationship between them, and i love that you can actually see the rays of sunshine!
I think my favorite thing about parenting and having kids is watching them interact and love each other. it is so fun to watch how the relationships between all four kids is changing and growing each day. last night kinkade read to lucia her goodnight stories and played a silly huggies game with her for 45 minutes while putting her to bed. these two girls are so blessed to have two big brothers that adore them and love on them every single day. lucia and emery are starting to interact with each other more and more each day. life is exhausting and hard at moments but each day I am so thankful for healthy happy children who love each other so much.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Forever Family Day TWO YEARS

Here we are at Lucia's HOMECOMING 2 years ago. I can't believe it. . .she somehow knew all those people were there for her! She popped right up from a dead sleep and showed off her huge smile, darling dimples, and radiant personality from the first moment she was in Spokane. Here brothers were so excited to see her and so proud of there little sister! Last year we celebrated at Grammy and Grampy's house. Here she was last year with her feisty personality.
And, last night we celebrated at OPA a little Greek family restaurant. Yesterday one of our dear friends referred to Lucia as a "ray of sunshine" . . .perfect!
Lucia's godparents Janny and Ryan came to celebrate with us.
Each forever family day we give Lucia a gift from Guatemala. This year she is really into backpacks so she got a monkey Guatemalan backpack. She has not taken it off. Lucia's new favorite face to make she refers to is as "the really silly face!" We all adore you Lucia you are the cutest, funniest, smartest two year old in the world. Thank you God for bringing Lucia to our family. We are so blessed to be her forever family. She spices up every life she touches!