Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look out world Lucia is two!!!

Happy THE Birthday to Lucia . . . this is how Lucia says Happy Birthday! well she it two. . and all two. .with the cuteness and the attitude. We celebrated with a small dessert BBQ. . yes dessert BBQ! Lucia loves dessert. So we made three different kinds. . a school bus cake (school buses are her favorite thing in the world) , tres leches cake, and a strawberry pie! She loved them all!
Here is Lucia's sweet face on the school buses. She helped Grammy make the cake and it had children's faces all over it. The Millers came up to the lake to celebrate with us. Lucia loves Anna and copies everything she says and does. Sneaking some tres leches cake!
Grammy made her a school bus bucket. I used to pull her in one of these during Kinder music and to this day she remembers it and loves it.
This face makes everyone smile all day long!
She adores her Wicky (Grampy) she snuggles up to talk to him about things. We got her a bike and helmet for her Birthday. She wants to be just like her big brothers and ride a bike! Here she is in her jammies on her new bike on her Birthday morning! Then off to water the daisies.
And of course laying on the pavement to get as close as possible to the bug. Every time she sees a bug or spider this is the routine.
We adore every inch of you Lucia and can't believe we are so blessed to raise you. You have brought more JOY to Spokane than anyone I've ever known. I thought of Lucia's Birth mother many times on her Birthday and prayed she has peace that Lucia is happy and healthy and LOVED by so many! I thank God everyday for her unbelievable sacrifice she made.

Friday, June 26, 2009

week one summer with the boys!

T-ball. . good times by all! Aaron got roped into coaching again. I'm not sure there is anything cuter than little baseball players. If you want a good laugh come out any Tuesday or Thursday night.

Look at this all American boy. . he just cracks me up. The bucket. . . . you know how I love organizing systems! This could be my favorite system yet. This brilliant t-ball mom had this great idea. Every boy brings a bucket from home and keeps their mitt, hat and water bottle in it. Then they sit on them in batting order during the game. This might not seem brilliant. . but it cuts back on about 1 hour during the game of looking for their mitt and hat every time they head out to the field. When they come off the field they used to just s throw their mitts and hats to get ready to hit and wear their batting helmets. Not now they have buckets to put them in I LOVE THE BUCKETS!

Look at the boys on their bucket. . so cute!

All ready for swim lessons!

This might be my new favorite summer pic. All three looking at me and smiling. . . amazing!
The boys favorite summer activity so far is pogo sticking . . they spend at least an hour a day on pogo sticks.

The boys have also spent lots of time building backpacks for their webkins . . oh the creativity of summer:)

The boys continue to love to play and KISS their sisters. We are praying these two girls get enough kisses here that they don't need to go looking for kisses later.

What could be better then Grampy reading Harry Potter and popsicles. . . now that is summer!

And it wouldn't truly be summer without a lemonade stand. Which is actually kind of sad to watch. They get so excited then jut sit there for hours and no one stops. . so sad.
We are off to a busy great start to summer with t-ball, swim lessons, sidewalk chalk, lake trips. . . . it is summer here at the McMurrays finally. I am exhausted and most of the time having fun with a few meltdowns. Yesterday at swim lessons another mom was asking about the new baby and I honestly could not remember her name. . . . so embarrassing. Just when I think I have figured four kids out something like this happens. By the way four kids is a lot of kids with a lot of different needs!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sweet emery almost three months

We are so in love with this sweet baby girl. Emery Pearl had her 3 month appointment and is 12.2 lbs and 24 inches long. Her weight is in the 58% and height in the 92%. I love these new pics especially the one of Daddy and Emery.

Monday, June 22, 2009

the lake. .

Okay . . first go at the lake with four kids! It was either a 10 or a BIG ZERO! At 4:30am on Father's Day when I was driving the girls home it was a HUGE ZERO! Thank God we are only 20 minutes away from home. Smores were a TEN! As you can see from the pics below Lucia thought she was in heaven with her first marshmallow. We kept finding her shoving them in her mouth and sprinting away. Maybe that is why she was up at 4:30am and so upset. We learned our lesson maybe only a couple marshmallows next campfire.

There are tons of kids up at the lake. . but Kellen is the boys favorite. He is so silly but has the most tender spirit.
Dinner at the lake. . life doesn't get much better. . burgers, the lake, lots of Doritos. .. and great friends!
We were dead exhausted when we got home. . .the kids had a blast and mom and dad worked really hard!
Grades for the weekend
* Aaron - B+ worked so hard to get fiber skirting done on the trailer. . but could improve his attitude at 4:30 in the morning when the kids are screaming. . I think he said "Am I in He**?"
* Mom - C - did a great job packing the family up and getting there. . but could work on relaxing and being nicer to the other humans in the family while packing and unpacking.
* Keagan - B - Great job playing and fishing. . next time after he packs his bag remember to put it in the car so we don't have to turn the car around half way up to the lake.
* Kinkade -B- great attitude all weekend. .try not to get 75 pairs of shorts/pants/sweatshirts wet from changing clothes 134 times during the two days then falling/jumping back in the water.
* Lucia - D - lots of room for improvement. . .try to stay within 50 yards of mom and dad at the lake, eat less chips, Doritos, and oreos! Sleep at least until 7am in the morning since at home you usually at least sleep until 7:30!
* Emery - A - loved the lake! Although nursing at the campfire was a little smokey:)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No more kindergarten

What happened to my baby boys. .weren't we just in the hospital. . oh that was 6 years ago. .but it seems like yesterday. Now they are going to be BIG First Graders! Look at these little faces. . my baby boys are getting so grown up. Sad but so fun! They have always had the closest relationship. When I would nurse them they would hold hands across my tummy. No matter how far apart we would sleep them in their crib. . . we would find them snuggled up together when we came to get them. Here is Keagan on the last day of Kindergarten with the Fabulous Mrs. Tobiason. She has been a God send. We all adore her. He wanted his picture with her in the center area . .his favorite part of the classroom. We will miss Mrs. Tobiason so much. Keagan's favorite thing about Mrs. Tobiason was her flip flops and his best part of Kindergarten was making friends.

Here is Kinkade with Mrs. Tobiason in the carpet area his favorite part of the classroom.
Kinkade's favorite thing about Mrs. Tobiason was when she read books to the class and his favorite part of Kindergarten was reading.
Bye Bye Kindergarten.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Slugs. . Salem. . Sleeping. . .Seventy. . Smiles!

We spent the last 4 days in Salem with Papa and Grandma celebrating Papa's 70th Birthday! As always it was a Blast! Great Food, Cousins, Movies, Adventures. . speaking of adventures the big kids spent most of the weekend trying to reclaim Grandma's beautiful garden from the slugs that are trying to take over. She armed them with salt shakers and the fight was on! The picture below captures the intensity of the adventure . . armed with light sabers and salt shakers they spent hours fighting the slugs! Here is miss smiles! Emery Pearl is 10 weeks. .and quickly approaching my all time favorite baby age. . . 3 months! I love 3 months they are still tiny tiny but start really interacting!

Lucia and Cousin Bridget are two peas in a pod! Here they are in the bath together. Bridget told Uncle Aaron - "Lucia and I are so much alike. .we both have brown eyes, black hair, brown skin and we both love to sing and dance!"
I would add they both are very sweet and very LOUD!
Twin Brothers holding Emery!
More smiles. . we keep waiting for these eyes to change. . but they continue to be dark blue. . so pretty. She just might have Keagan's eyes and Kinkade's hair color and body.

Okay the big news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emery Pearl slept 9-10 hours all three nights we were there! She had been doing 6-7 hour stretches. . but 9-10 is glorious. . I feel like I could run a marathon in the morning. . well not exactly but definitely a new woman!
I wish I would of gotten more pics with Papa and Grandma but it always goes so fast and I usually had a baby in my arms and didn't get many pictures this time.