Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WE ARE ooooouuuuuuutttttttTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

WE ARE COMPLETE!!!!!! I saved this picture for "THE PGN OUT POST" our first picture as a family. This was taken when we picked up Lucia on our trip. It is the very first picture with us all together!
WE received THE call this afternoon! Lucia is OUT of PGN! That means that Guatemala approved our adoption. Now we just have to wait for a few more weeks (3-6) and then we can BRING HER HOME!! What a huge relief to know that she is now legally our daughter. The fourth and final birth mother sign-off should happen today and the final adoption decree will be issued. She still has to have a second DNA test to prove she is the same child that was referred to us at the beginning. So there are still details and paperwork (180+ file translated back to English, her visa, birth certificate, passport ect. . . .more paperwork), but what a huge relief to know that as far as Guatemala is concerned, she is legally OURS! Praise God. . .and THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT, and most importantly PRAYERS! I am crying tears of JOY! Happy 5 month birthday OUR sweet baby girl. You are coming home!!!!!! Our prayers have been answered. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Monday, November 26, 2007

On Pins and Needles. . . more pictures from the trip

I adore this picture of Lucia. This whole series captures her personality.

She is so sweet and joyful. I love the dimples in this picture.

Aaron took this picture when she got out of the bath. Here hair is so curly when it is wet.

The boys made a fun friend while we were there. His family is adopting through the same agency. He was there visiting his little sister Natalie. This picture was taken during Thanksgiving dinner.

After dinner back in the room. BOY is it tricky to get a good pic of three kids. I have a new respect for the Millers and all their great pics of their kiddos.

I keep coming back to this series of pics. I love this one too.
If you have been around the McMurrays very long you know that Keagan is our dancer. He loves music more than anything and is an awesome dancer. He truly has his Uncle Damian's genes. He was trying to teach me some of his moves here. The last day at the pool.

Typical Keagan face. . . .

He was in heaven with Aaron's ipod on.

The boys at the Long Beach aquarium. They could spend hours watching the sharks.

We ate at one of our favorite restaurants after the aquarium Bubba Gumps. Kinkade was in heaven he loves shrimp and crab more than anything in the world.
Keagan on the other hand was asleep in 5 minutes on my lap he was exhausted.

Kinkade is so excited about sea animals. When we go to the library he only checks out non fiction sea animals books.
Petting sharks at the aquarium. The highlight of the California weekend. Yes, more than Disneyland.

Lucia Jancinta Shean McMurray being silly.

Crackin up. . . .
It was the best trip of my life. Our family felt complete. The boys exceeded my wildest dreams with how sweet and tender they were with Lucia and how interested they were in her. She is the easiest most joyful baby I have ever been around. It was heart wrenching giving her back. I can feel the stress in my stomach. I am so nervous every time the phone rings. The out calls usually come on Tuesdays and Fridays evenings from your case manager. I literally cannot think of anything else.
I really felt like her mom this time, I think she really recognized me.I could read her cues and felt like she was ours. Please keep praying for he file to exit without any previos. We will post if we hear anything. I am really ready for this process to be over and to have our baby girl home with us
One more pic of Lucia with Cinnamon, the boys bear from preschool. He came with us for an adventure to Guatemala.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Disneyland . . . what a Blast!

Much needed break from the emotion and stress of the adoption. I have very little time, but thought I would upload a few pics from the day. We fly home tonight. We are off to the Long Beach Marina. Thanks for all the prayers and comments they made my day.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Please PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We said goodbye this morning. It was so hard. . . . we all miss her already. Please pray for Lucia's file we are next up to get out of PGN. 5 families got out of PGN in 7 weeks and a few days yesterday. They entered PGN one or two days in front of us. We are next on the list to get out. Two families got late previos and have to go back to the beginning. We could hear any day now that we are out and she is our daughter and maybe even home for Christmas, or that we got a previo. I am so nervous and so excited at the same time. It is really difficult not to be guarded. We fly out tonight and our case manager said she would call us if there is any news. Of course, I will post if we hear anything. Please pray that Sr. Barrios signs Lucia's file and we are released with no previos from PGN. It will be such a relief.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We are so thankful for this precious baby girl.
We are overwhelmed with how blessed we are to be here with our whole family for thanksgiving.

Her dimples are so cute.. . . I can't wait for our friends and family to meet her.

Traditional Guatemalan breakfast on thanksgiving. . . fried bannanas, black beans, eggs, papaya juice, the best coffee in the world and bread.

Everyone in this family loves to kiss me!

McMurray children watching the Macy's Parade together. First pic of all three together.

Parents of the year. Lucia asleep on the floor at our Italian dinner last night. They don't have any strollers left in the hotel.

Keagan wants to hold her all the time.

More kisses at dinner.

I love to touch faces!

Cute buns in really cute tights.
Hope everyone is having a blessed Thanksgiving with their family and friends. We give Lucia back tomorrow at 10:00. It is getting harder and harder. Then we fly out tomorrow afternoon to LAX. It has gone so quickly. We are still in good health. Keagan got a bee sting, and Kinkade has a little eye infection . . .we think from the pool. But all in all we are GREAT!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 2 in Guatemala

My favorite picture. . . Kinkade on his own asked me "Mom, I need a small piece of note paper to write Lucy a little note while she is sleeping can I have one?" Being the teacher I am I couldn't get it fast enough. This is what he wrote and I found it laying on her when I went to check on her. Then she found it and thought it tasted great:) It is a little wrinkled but I confiscated it for her baby book. He is so tender.

Laughing at the pool with Dad. . . I knew you were wondering where the bows were last post.

I love to eat noses. The boys think this is hysterical.

Sun bathing by the pool. Thanks Quincy for the hip leggings.

I think this picture is so sweet. We have been told twice today by total strangers how charming she is. She smiles and laughts at anyone passing by.

The boys have quickly made friends. They played 2 hours of pool football this morning.

She has not changed very much since I was here with my mom. A couple differences are she squeels with laughter all the time. She also is losing her hair in the back like Kinkade did at this age. I hope she does not go for the full come over like Kinkades.

Sleeping with Dad.
We all got a great night sleep last night and are having a wonderful day. We are excited to go to this amazing Italan restaurant tonight that is in the hotel. We hopefully will get some good pics of everyone dressed up for dinner. Thanks for all the sweet comments. It is so good to know so many prayers are being said and that people care about this leap of faith we are on. Keep praying that we get that PGN phone call soon and that no one gets sick. We have talked to plenty of families who have gotten sick. Happy Early Thanksgiving . . .. we have so much to be thankful for. Posting at nap time is going really well hopefully more pictures soon.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We made it!

Here she is as beautiful as ever.
Staring at her brother! She watches them everywhere they go.

The boys are having a contest who can kiss her the most.. . .

Cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New tongue thing this time!
"Are you really my family?"

What a perfect way to spend Thanksgiving sipping pina coladas with a sweet baby girl and my family.

I love this picture.

The pool is awesome.

"Got my Gallo . . . good now."

First family member to hold Lucia when her foster mother dropped her off. He was thrilled.

The boys ADORE her! It is such an answer to prayer. They can't stop touching her and talking about her. In fact let me share some qoutes from the day - you can guess who said them. . . .
"She is perfect."
"I can't wait to see her belly button. Can we see it right away?'
"Let's see who can kiss her the most I just passed a google!"
"I love her adorable nipples!
"You know what I love the most about her is she is wrinkly and she puckers."
"She is so beautiful mom she looks like you."
"Mom, does she have a brain in this little head?"
"Mom will she be this small at Christmas I want to show our friends."
"I just already love her so much."
All three are sleeping right now so I had a chance to update you. The trip over was a little brutal at times but over all ok. Seeing the boys with her I would of paid a million dollars. They are fascinated by her and she just smiles and laughs at them. We all need some more sleep but God is so good.