Monday, May 26, 2014

mothers day 2014

mothers day was fabulous . . there was sun, adventure, and family. we spent the day celebrating my sweet niece Bridget's 11th Birthday at Oaks Park! 
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first year of volleyball

emery and lucia played their first season of volleyball and I coached their team.  they loved the balls they chose, having their own water bottles and the girls on their team! it was a short season and we learned a little about volleyball.  they think they are "real players!" it was fun and interesting to coach the girls for the first time:)
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

millers. . bloomsday. .basketball . . the best!

we had the most wonderful weekend.  the miller family came to portland for a long weekend and it was magical.  the boys went to spokane and had their own adventures.  kinkade ran bloomsday and broke his record by a minute.  keagan traveled with the degenharts to yakima to compete in a basketball tournament with the warriors.  the boys squeezed in some friend time too and of course a visit to Dr. Grummons to get bottom braces on.  They even flew on their first solo flight home and did great!
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Monday, May 12, 2014

more april. . .

some more highlights from april. . is it really May already!
 photo DSC_0692_zps92bc6fcf.jpg
emery's go-to spring outfit
 photo IMG_0112_zpsbacc859e.jpg
we loved having the England family here! 
 photo IMG_7508_zpsf0301ff5.jpg
emery broke her toe and slept a lot! 
 photo IMG_7469_zps4df600af.jpg
movies in the guest room 
 photo IMG_7503_zpsd2674647.jpg
spring hikes 
 photo IMG_7531_zps9d77eb90.jpg
fro yo dates with cousins
 photo IMG_7512_zps61fd5d54.jpg
more sleeping
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 photo IMG_7464_zpsd22aa264.jpg
niki and alex came for their spring break and we spent the afternoon at the zoo
 photo IMG_7557_zps51e58b4e.jpg
home work at the counter
 photo IMG_7569_zpsfbbb109a.jpg
more cotton candy limeade

Saturday, May 10, 2014

easter 2014

easter was beautiful and really hard. we had both sides of our family at our new home which was wonderful.  but we missed our church more than ever.  grammy came over early to fill our home with decorations, laughter, numerous easter activities and simply holiday joy!
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