Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In our Arms forever one month ago. . WOW!

She has been in arms forever one month now. It is difficult for me to put in words all that she is, what I have learned from her and this experience, and what she has brought to our family.

First off let me describe Lucia's personality or should I say "Wow she has a lot of personality!" which has been said many times since our friends and our family have gotten to meet Lucy Jane.

I asked Lucia's foster mom to describe her in one word and she said PERFECT. If I had to describe her in one word it would be JOYFUL!

But that is not all let me round out the list with:

Feisty, independent, funny, interactive, social, captivating, sweet, persistent, and FULL OF PERSONALITY!

She has so much personality and is so social that when I am in Costco I feel like I am shopping with J Lo in my cart. She acts as if she is on a float waving and smiling at EVERYONE who walks by. People are simply captivated by her and can't help but stop and interact. I feel like the paparazzi are going to start following me.

Since Lucia has been home she has had some milestones and changed.
* Tonight was the first night she took a real bath in the tub! She has been terrified of the bath. We have gradually worked her into it through sink baths and lots of sponge baths. I was so proud of her tonight so brave and in the tub. In Guatemala our Foster mom did not do baths only sponge baths.
* She is almost crawling. She scoots backwards, and rolls around the floor.
* She has gotten two teeth on the bottom. Of course you wouldn't know she has been teething through her disposition since she has been so cheerful and happy almost every moment since she has arrived!
* She signs when she is "all done" in the highchair. And is starting to learn "more."
* She is eating avocados, peas, sweet potatoes, bananas, beans, crackers, peaches, pears, and lots of blueberries!

What I have learned from Lucia and our adoption journey-
- She has brought me to my knees in prayer.
- She makes me smile and laugh all day long!
- She has taught me how to smile and interact with total strangers.
- She has shown me Joy in its purest form. She truly is the happiest human I have ever known in my life.
- She has shown me in amazing ways that God is so faithful and good. And prayer is REAL!
-The love between siblings does not have to be biological. Families really are built on love, I know it sounds cheesy but it is so true.
- She has helped me stop the daily chores and focus on relationships and time together, the dishes can wait!
- Dressing a baby girl is all it is cracked up to be! Maybe one of the most fun things I've ever done!
-Lucia loves Faces more than anything! Her eyes light up when she sees another person. People are really the most important reason that we are here. It is all about relationships!

She is beautiful in every way and her joyful spirit shines through. Her name means light in the world and I believe she is going to do that. She is such a precious little baby girl. Thank you God for this sweet spirit we will do the best we can to raise her to love YOU and bring light into this world. Lucia I love you so much. I still can't believe I get to be your mommy.
Here are some of my favortie pictures and moments from the first month with Lucy Jane!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend with the Jones

The Jones Family came for the weekend. Krissy was my first roommate in college at Western Washington. We were there early for Volleyball. We ended up the only Freshman on the team for that season. Talk about a bonding experience. We have continued to be close since that moment on the volleyball court. Now we both have families and enjoy time together more than ever. They made the trip to meet Lucia. We had a fun packed weekend! Here are some sledding pics, we were going to go skiing but sledding is free and you don't have to wake up so early:)
The four older kiddos. Kinkade, Savannah, Avery, and Keagan
My sweet husband, and Lucia eating my hair.
The whole Jones Family. What a gorgeous family.
The sledding action shot.
We had so much fun all weekend. We love you Jones. I hope our kiddos turn out half as sweet as yours. They are such tender, fun, and polite kids.

Lucia and her friends

Lucia is a little controlling with her friends. . . we will work on this:)They are all within months - Isabelle, Lucia and Maggie
A little chat time on the carpet.
Isabelle and Lucia. I think Lucia was a little overwhelming for Isabelle and Maggie. I have been holding Isabelle and Maggie for the last five months when Lucia was in Guatemala. I desired so much to hold her and Julie and Katie were so sweet to share their baby girls with me when I missed Lucia so much it hurt. It is still amazes us daily that SHE IS HERE NOW AND FOREVER! She has brought so much JOY to our life already.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Giggle box, three kids out-takes, and cat stand-off

We have ourselves a LAUGHER!!! It is the cutest thing in the world.
She is going to be off and running in no time. . .

Okay try and get a good pic of all three. I was snapping, Aaron was being a clown, we were both focused on Lucy (since she is the baby and supposed to be the hardest to snap pics of) well when I checked out the pics later. . . we should of been focused on the boys. . . those stinkers:)
Recap of photo above - Kinkade - What the? Lucy - laughing cute, Keagan - fake smile
Kinkade - daydreaming, Lucy - sweet, Keagan - watching Kinkade daydream
Okay not bad. . . .
Kinkade - pretty cute, Lucy - adorable, Keagan - still faking

Kinkade - best yet, Lucy - laughing herself to sleep, Keagan - still being a punk

I thought I would give you a break from bad out-takes to the cat stand-off that happened next. These two have a love hate relationship. They always want to be around eachother, but then quickly one of them gets really irritated with the other after a swipe. . . . or grab
Lucia coming in for a big kiss. . . I wish I would of gotten the next look it was hysterical we were all dying laughing.
Then the stare down. . .

I think this might be the best one. . .
Kinkade - fake now, Lucy - scared of Dad, Keagan - apparently done with pictures.
Kinkade - deer in head lights, Lucy - laughing to sleep, Keagan - Furious we wouldn't let his stuffed shark in the pictures
Kinkade - crossed eyed, Lucy - sweet, Keagan - "fine I'll smile
Kinkade - chocolate smudge looking bigger than ever, Lucy - Dad is so funny, Keagan - "I'm so irritated with this family."
Okay I won't bore you with anymore bad McMurray photo shoots. Thanks for lasting this long.