Thursday, August 14, 2008

weddings, Gig Harbor, puzzles, lots of walking, Friends, and PUKE!

Yeah Megan was in town! She is one of our favorite humans in the world.
Mandolyn threw her a surprise wedding shower at a winery. . more just a congrats party! It was so much fun.

You can not stop this little girl. She is so tiny but FAST! She is practically running!

Here is cute Shauna pregnant! Heidi and I threw her and baby Carter a shower. Isn't she just darling!
Heidi and Catherine at the shower. You both are so gorgeous.

On the GO!

My boys have done more puzzles this summer than ever. Puzzles are their new passion. They are up to 300 pieces now and so proud!
I had to show you a picture of this fabulous wedding Aaron sang at. The colors and flowers were my favorite I have ever seen. The colors were yellow, gray, and black and the flowers were white orchids! It was stunning.
Trip to Gig Harbor. Avery taught Keagan how to boogie board.
The boys searched for crabs for 7 hours straight. Oh to live on the water. . it was amazing!

Kids in the warm shower after a long day on the beach!

Life has been crazy! We have had friends in town and then we ALL got sick. Everyone puking the same day. Dad came home from work and emptied puke buckets for the entire day. I still do not feel back to normal. I can't remember the last time I had the flu. . . but it is miserable! And Moms don't really get sick days. Trying to take care of sick kiddos and being sick yourself was NOT FUN!