Monday, October 14, 2013

First days - 5th, Kinder, Pre-K

to be very honest leaving the kid's schools was in the top five of hardest parts of moving.  especially the boys - they had an incredible group of friends, established positive sports teams, and a school that we all loved.  really their life could not have been better, filled with support, community and simply good people surrounding them.  it was a HUGE leap of faith to believe that they were going to be okay leaving and starting over.  here are the first day of school pictures from our apartment complex.  a very different first day of school, but i could not be more proud of how brave all four kids were and how they have dove in 100% to build a life here.  kids are extremely resilient and our prayer is that it will build character and confidence not ruin there life.
 photo IMG_5722_zpsa9e042cf.jpg
 photo DSC_0635_zps157d5b59.jpg
 photo IMG_5724_zpsa2c96333.jpg
 photo DSC_0632_zps04cd6cc1.jpg
keagan had been really sick for a a full week but said he was okay to go to school.  you can see in his eyes he felt horrible. . well when i took him in the next day we found out he had pneumonia! 
 photo DSC_0656_zpse366b2c9.jpg
our shining star kindergartner!
 photo DSC_0651_zpsec710f34.jpg
 photo DSC_0652_zpsf648ef21.jpg
 photo DSC_0660_zps3652dcaf.jpg
 photo DSC_0666_zps25da0902.jpg
 photo IMG_5738_zpsa8d87298.jpg
 photo DSC_0664_zps0b54b25a.jpg
 photo DSC_0663_zpsd55ff446.jpg
ummmmmmmm. .....who taught her this. . this kid?!?!?!?!?!?
 photo DSC_0668_zps71296eee.jpg
she is crazy and loves every minute of going to school!!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

last week of summer 2013

we headed back to spokane as fast as we could to spend the last week of summer at the lake and with grammy and grampy.  the only problem was all the kids got really sick. .. but as it turns out if you have to be sick the lake is the place to do it.  it was a great week and much needed time back home.
 photo IMG_5671_zpsee5ec374.jpg
view from our deck at the lake
 photo IMG_5667_zps9cb057f4.jpg
tons of fishing off the point
 photo DSC_0613_zps20520c6e.jpg
armstrongs came to visit again. . . emery and grace were in heaven
 photo IMG_5637_zps71a17361.jpg
my co-pilot to spokane
 photo IMG_5648_zps5e73fd37.jpg
a day at the buths
 photo DSC_0604_zpsf9fed285.jpg
trailer park cake - of course
 photo DSC_0618_zpsd3c6b244.jpg
friends at the lake
 photo DSC_0599_zps46782415.jpg
tube rides for the girls this summer -
 photo DSC_0600_zps034046f7.jpg
always swimming! she is so brave - emery became a great swimmer this summer
 photo IMG_5659_zps94bff51d.jpg
fit in a few cupcake - cookie dates
 photo IMG_5666_zps564519a1.jpg
more fishing
 photo IMG_5672_zps45d4fad3.jpg
keagan was the sickest. . we didn't know at the time that he had pneumonia
 photo IMG_5673_zps07a42e71.jpg
emery's first fish
 photo IMG_5674_zps7e17716d.jpg
learning to cast
 photo IMG_5684_zps3f5fec7b.jpg
 photo IMG_5686_zpsc41e6de1.jpg
 photo IMG_5694_zpsad437521.jpg
 photo IMG_5712_zps48596c67.jpg
so sad to leave
 photo DSC_0627_zpsff1d73e0.jpg
loved having Mel last weekend

Thursday, October 3, 2013

gig harbor

i am really trying to catch up on the blog to get to the present.  we spent 5 days with the jones in gig harbor.  it was a blast and just what we needed in the midst of an emotional hard move.
 photo IMG_5557_zpsd0e71a9b.jpg
lots of beach adventures
 photo IMG_5568_zpscb974984.jpg
candy store at pikes street market
 photo IMG_5515_zpscaf6473c.jpg
sweet savannah 
 photo IMG_5534_zps50cd9470.jpg
we spent one full day in indianola - we had the beach to ourselves - the weather was perfect, adults drank gin and tonics, dogs ran around, and the kids had a blast playing
 photo IMG_5510_zps9c42abee.jpg
best rope swing ever
 photo IMG_5512_zps73536b99.jpg
the girls spent hours in the chicken coop with all the chickens
 photo IMG_5531_zpsa6363ffd.jpg

 photo IMG_5586_zpsbc29bf71.jpg
lots of love for avery and savannah
 photo IMG_5591_zps39c8dae7.jpg
 photo IMG_5604_zps81af9585.jpg
shadows on the beach
 photo IMG_5600_zps00f08b65.jpg
skim boarding
 photo IMG_5611_zpscc930e19.jpg
amazing live sand dollars
 photo IMG_5613_zps07e6e98b.jpg
little beach bum

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

first portland adventures

soooooooo. . . . . we live in portland. . .  week one we decided to go for it!
 photo IMG_5363_zps391fc681.jpg
dad and keagan date to timbers game
 photo IMG_5461_zps0937fbe3.jpg
public transportation - the max 
 photo IMG_5376_zps45f4a609.jpg
voodoo donuts
 photo IMG_5433_zpsef2047fc.jpg
the zoo with the humes
 photo IMG_5432_zps7ff48ec0.jpg
more zoo
 photo IMG_5379_zps51107bcc.jpg
heading to voodoo donuts
 photo IMG_5380_zps0ddaf900.jpg
caught a good moment at the bookstore
 photo IMG_5467_zpsa221f354.jpg
 photo IMG_5466_zps858d79d6.jpg
 photo IMG_5471_zps1db69d79.jpg
best book store ever - Powells
 photo IMG_5494_zpsf698b8b4.jpg
korean bbq
 photo IMG_5477_zps6f16a28e.jpg
little big burger
 photo IMG_5493_zpsf42e086f.jpg
not my favorite adventure. . thankful for AAA
 photo IMG_5358_zps06ecd821.jpg
lots of time at papa and grandmas - girls loved it when grandma shared her makeup