Monday, December 29, 2014

thanksgiving in spokane

we had a wonderful week in spokane for thanksgiving.  the highlight meeting our new niece/cousin baby tessie! the kids took the train over with grammy, so they could be there the entire week.
 photo IMG_9363_zps2d7c46c7.jpg
ready for the train
 photo DSC_0399_zpsd7a56646.jpg
 photo IMG_9352_zps00d3fa4a.jpg
afternoon at the children's museum with grampy and grammy
 photo IMG_9365_zpse0a2f7d3.jpg
 photo DSC_0385_zpsb17ba4a0.jpg
 photo DSC_0376_zps7f8d6071.jpg
couldn't wait to show off their new band instruments to uncle bryan, mel and bryan!
 photo DSC_0367_zpsf1d0f4de.jpg
of course costumes for thanksgiving dinner
 photo DSC_0361_zpse18b89b0.jpg
missed this kid so much!
 photo IMG_9359_zps7b8a447b.jpg
emery joined gloryann in her ballet class.
 photo DSC_0398_zpsedd6fe90.jpg
 photo IMG_9353_zpsc7a84bb5.jpg
 photo thanks-turkeybowl_zps011c4a96.jpg
big turkey bowl game

the huge ladybug presentation

emery had her first big project/presentation in kinder.  she chose ladybugs as her topic.  she had to do the research, come up with a project and do a five minute presentation for the class.  she rocked it!
i got some pictures of her preparing her project, a painted book of the life cycle of a ladybug.
 photo DSC_0720_zpsbd38a5ce.jpg
 photo DSC_0719_zps7661853a.jpg
 photo DSC_0717_zps7f3aeaa4.jpg

boys are 12 - birthday weekend

The highlight of the weekend was Kellen flew to Portland to surprise the boys and spend their birthday weekend with us!! This first picture was from this summer at our family photo shoot done by Leaving a Mark Photography. 
I adore this picture and adore these and could not be more proud of them!

 photo IMG_9007_zps47584e18.jpg
 photo IMG_8996_zpsaee343d5.jpg
 photo DSC_0700_zps7e8df96d.jpg
 photo DSC_0709_zpsa36df772.jpg
 photo IMG_8997_zps3e223907.jpg
 photo DSC_0711_zps34eeb9db.jpg
 photo IMG_9009_zpsabb817c4.jpg

Saturday, December 27, 2014

girls halloween

the girls loved halloween trick or treating with bridget! lucia was a beautiful peacock and emery a masquerade girl!

 photo IMG_8995_zpse045b3e5.jpg
 photo IMG_8989_zps33415a30.jpg

Fall 2014

2nd Fall in Oregon. . working hard to make the best of it. . well most of the time. . other times i just cry.
 photo IMG_8899_zps042b8a0d.jpg
every sunday we are trying a new awesome portland restaurant, since sunday is our sad day missing church and family.
 photo IMG_8895_zps83a41c94.jpg
smoothie bar after soccer saturday
 photo IMG_8884_zps314c390c.jpg
sunny fall mornings at the bus stop
 photo IMG_8879_zps1a0b3949.jpg
emery catches the bus the earliest at 7:05
 photo IMG_8844_zps89671942.jpg
starbucks dates for late start with the boys
 photo IMG_8919_zps11efc105.jpg
many cross country meets
 photo DSC_0699_zps86e91377.jpg
first lost tooth
 photo DSC_0691_zps176aee81.jpg
 photo IMG_8936_zpsdcc15d19.jpg
soccer tournament in southern oregon
 photo IMG_8959_zpsaa5cb3e9.jpg
lucia's new bestie at the pumpkin patch
 photo IMG_8971_zps90cc168e.jpg
first middle school dance
 photo IMG_9078_zps93b611af.jpg
happy hour sushi
 photo IMG_9102_zpsc421622a.jpg
50 middle school kids in our living room for wyldlife
 photo IMG_9120_zps11cedf25.jpg
 photo IMG_8934_zpscd42e880.jpg
all missing the same tooth
 photo IMG_8980_zps90c50863.jpg
sweet niece was born!
 photo IMG_9067_zps4ca3b772.jpg
first year coaching the CAVS - 5th in state
 photo IMG_9044_zpsf26809e2.jpg
 photo IMG_9028_zps98d0cb7d.jpg
 photo IMG_9293_zps15e0056e.jpg
girls fall trip to spokane - fun time with cousins and grampy and grammy

2014 first day of school - middle school, first and kinder!

The boys started middle school! Lucia started first grade, the first day of going to school all day! Emery finally gets to join the ranks and go to Kinder. . real big kid school!
 photo DSC_0701_zps1bd4b9d2.jpg
 photo IMG_8863_zps038c4c6b.jpg
 photo DSC_0727_zps0fa224d9.jpg
 photo IMG_8816_zps15c97df7.jpg
 photo IMG_8820_zps33fd019d.jpg
 photo IMG_8864_zps3eb0c66d.jpg
 photo IMG_8869_zps708464fa.jpg
 photo DSC_0707_zpsc5b810c6.jpg
 photo DSC_0794_zpsd0e15422.jpg
 photo IMG_8864_zps3eb0c66d.jpg
 photo DSC_0693_zps69e671d3.jpg