Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The sun is shining and I am getting bigger!

The sun is shining today and Lucia weighs 16 lbs. and 9 oz! She did so great at her 10 month appointment. The shots were a breeze . . .I always knew girls were tougher than boys:) I just love taking pictures I wish it was my full time job to snap photos of kids. I have no training but just love doing it. So here is our sweetie today!

Monday, April 28, 2008

It is going to FAST. . Happy 10 months Lucia

I can't believe it has been 3 months since Lucia has been home. I don't want her to be 10 months old. I hold out until the last day possible to tell people she is the next month. I want her to be a baby for longer. It is going way to fast. I missed the first 7 months. She is the sweetest, happiest, most interactive baby I ever known. She is captivating and so precious in every way. I am a baby person. . . I have always loved the baby stage! I chose to work in the babies room all through college so I could hold and take care of babies. I just love everything about her and don't want the baby stage to end.

As Mothers Day is approaching I have been thinking so much about Lucia's birthmother and the amazing sacrifice she made. I have been working on a letter to her. It is so difficult to put into words everything I want to say to her and to know what exactly to say. There are times when I feel guilty that I get to be Lucia's forever mother. I just want her to know that Lucia is so loved and that we will pass along her message to Lucia always about how much her birthmother loved her also.

Here are some pictures from this last month with Lucia. Sorry there are so many . But since this is going to be here babybook/journal into our life I want to incude all the highlights. And she is just so much fun to snap pictures of.

Here she is laughing and smiling during her breathing treatments.
Cuddling with Patty at the boys first t-ball game.
The boys love to run around the house and look through the windows at Lucia. She thinks it is hysterical.
I can tell she is going to be a volleyball star.

First Gondola ride over the falls. Anything with a whole bunch of windows is a BLAST.

Celebrating Belle's dedication at Church.

More gondola fun.
This is the game Lucia plays every morning as I get dressed.
Each morning she is so thrilled with herself that she just has to give that darling baby in the mirror a huge smooch. I hope she always has this much self confidence.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend in Oregon - eat a couple jelly beans

We went to Oregon this weekend to celebrate Grandmas Birthday and for Lucia to meet all the McMurray family. We had a quick fabulous weekend. When it was time to leave we were all in a funk coming home. The boys just kept saying how much they already missed everyone. Lucia charmed all of Oregon with her new cackle laugh! Here are some pics from the weekend.
We found the cousins to do list on the counter Saturday morning. Oh . . to be a kid again.
1. Move books to clubhouse
2. Move blankets to clubhouse
3. Build a fort
4. Eat a couple of jelly beans
5. do a puzzle
6. eat lunch
7. have a snack
8. plant seeds Flowers! Flowers! and More Flowers! I love these daffodils.
The boys call Bridget "Miss Crazy Pants!"
She sings every song from High school Musical and is constantly bursting with something funny or really sweet to say.
My first precious niece Lauren. With her darling new second grade teeth. She is such a love bug and we all adore Lauren.
Mr. Keags ~ King of art, hoops, and music!!
Mr. Kaders ~ King of friends, water, and energy!
The newest McMurray. Princess Charming!
My dad thinks I am so beautiful. . . .he calls me sugar plum now.
Isn't this the sweetest picture with the tiny daisy. They were all over in the grass.
Grandma bought the kids packets of seeds to plant. It was the hit of the weekend. But, it quickly moved from planting seeds to looking for worms. They had an entire worm apartment complex built by the end of the weekend.
Look at all the worms we found!!!

Cousins in the bath. . . Papa and Grandma had a new studio built and it has an amazing loft/playroom for the grand kids. They loved it and called it their secret clubhouse.
Here they are in the tent they put up in the secret clubhouse watching a movie together.
Is this not just gorgeous. I drank my coffee and read a magazine one morning staring at this view of the front deck. Lucia was asleep and the kids were in the secret clubhouse!
Bath time for Lucia. She is loving every minute of the bath.
I think I might start adding eat a couple jelly beans to every to-do list!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

FYI - send Dad to boy's next check-up

Here are some of my favorite pics of the twins over the years. . . . Skip to the bottom of the pictures to read about The doctor's appointment.

The boys had their 5 year old check up. . . and it was quite entertaining! Between peeing in a cup, "the cough", and shots ~ Dad is going next time!

1. The cup - well we can barley make it into the toilet on a regular basis. . . so peeing in the cup was quite the entertaining challenge. First I was supposed to clean the tip. . mmmmmmmm! They thought this was very weird and so did I. Than I held the cup and tried to explain peeing in the cup. Well after about 5 minutes of hysterics we were all on the bathroom floor laughing covered with pee and then there was a knock on the door from the nurse, "Everything okay in there?"
My response "Oh yes having a great time.
2. Then it was off to pull down the pants and cough. Now I have heard about this but was under the impression I would never witness it or especially be part of it! Apparently turning your head and coughing while the Dr. is pushing is pretty tricky. They
couldn't pull it off without a lot more laughing and our pediatrician was now on the floor laughing with us. He commented these boys are a SKIT! Your telling me. Every time he told them to turn their head they would turn their whole body, and he would have a cute little 5 year old buns in his face.

3. Now the shots which we had been talking about since 7 in the morning and agonizing over. Remind me to tell them right before next time. Way too much time to talk about shots. Well, one brother had to leave the room so they wouldn't wittness the other brother getting the shot. . . which is worse than getting the shot themselves. Kinkade was a trooper , and let's just say Mr. Drama was NOT!
We left the doctors office 2.5 hours later. . . I've never been so exhausted! Dad is going to the 6 year check up with the boys no exceptions!

There is never a dull moment with TWINS TWINS TWINS. . . . . (Rachelle, KayC. Elizabeth)
Today Keagan said to me as I pulled his long rubber snake out of the spokes of his Superman bike - "Mom you are a rockstar!"
These are the comments that get me through the days!