Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some winter cuteness

Lucia loves her puff ball boots. She says every morning "boots, boots, boots please!"
First love note to Keagan. To Keagan. . I love you. . .go out to Red Robin. . .Zoe
Oh boy we are in for it.
Lucia, fish crackers and the tree! You should see the pictures where I tried to take away the crackers. Not cute!
Keagan wants to play the piano all the time. I can't believe how brave he was to let naked Lucia on to his lap.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Tree Cutting, Thanksgiving and YES another set of Pigtails

Cutting down the Christmas tree!
The annual saw picture.
On the way home.
It was not snowing when we started the trip. But by the time we got home the first snow had arrived and the boys built a snowman.
Riding in the tractor.
It was so fun this year the boys are the perfect age they loved every part of decorating for Christmas!

Mom's Date Day with the Boys! We went to HS Musical on Ice!
Lucia feeding Grammy Pumpkin Pie.
The best part of the meal for Lucia.
Thanksgiving on Dad's lap. . . of course Grammy made me a special Thanksgiving Dress.
The table all set.

YES we are having a baby girl! We are thrilled Lucia will have a sister close in age just like the boys have. We cannot believe it is a girl we had the ultra-sound technician check three times. I did not think we made girls, well I did not think we made babies on our own. The story goes like this 11 years without birth control, two pregnancies ending in miscarriages, and a doctor's diagnosis that we have a very slight chance of ever conceiving. It is our 11th anniversary and 2am in the morning and I have this weird feeling. . . so I take a pregnancy test. I could not believe my eyes! I wake up Aaron and we are SCARED! We have had a 0% Success rate with pregnancy on our own. We are OVERWHELMED! Four kids was not part of our plan, the only time it came up was through adoption if it fell in our lap. In fact we just had talked about "the surgery" to make sure we would never have to go through another miscarriage. We kept it to ourselves for many weeks until the lying and sweating had to stop and we finally felt like we had to tell people. I could not keep wearing huge hoodies and big coats I was so hot that I was sweating like men's basketball. . . like gross arm sweat. We have had 4 ultrasounds and everything looks great. God has a Great sense of humor and has a better plan for our life than we could ever imagine. Each journey to each child. . . . the twins, Lucia and this baby girl has put us on our knees daily to trust His plan. They have all had been filled with Adventure, Fear, Faithfulness, and ultimately a blessed child or two. Our journey to build a family has been painful, hard, but yet I would not change one single part of it. It has brought a depth to our marriage and Faith that we could have never imagined. If you think of us pray for this baby girl growing inside of me. . . I think she might be a miracle baby!