Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some winter cuteness

Lucia loves her puff ball boots. She says every morning "boots, boots, boots please!"
First love note to Keagan. To Keagan. . I love you. . .go out to Red Robin. . .Zoe
Oh boy we are in for it.
Lucia, fish crackers and the tree! You should see the pictures where I tried to take away the crackers. Not cute!
Keagan wants to play the piano all the time. I can't believe how brave he was to let naked Lucia on to his lap.


Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Oh my gosh....SO CUTE!!! I love all of her, the picture at the piano is hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Yes you are in for it...alhough my first kiss was at age 5 in Kin...uhmmm - Good Luck - prayers coming your way!

I love Lucy's boots as well!!!

Hugs to Kinkade ;)

JeffandKatyRiddell said...

She is darling Darcy!! Glad to see she has discovered the joy of shoes this early on. Merry Christmas!

The Boggs Family said...

Honestly, can your kids get any cuter?!!!! They are always so stinkin' adorable. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way you dress Lucia. She is like, the most stylin' little baby girl in town! ;) You take incredible photos too, Darcy. You should be a photographer. Really.

Are the boys taking piano lessons? How fun! I think about you all the time and am praying for you. How are you feeling? Any name picked yet? We miss you guys. I'm thinkin' we aim for February for an annual tradition of Jones/McMurray/Boggs dinner. You game? :) Love you guys and hope to see you Sunday

The Tampiens said...

A girl who loves shoes and food... right up my alley. :) I can't wait to meet the next McMurray girl who will surely follow in these footsteps!!

The gFamily said...

I love Lucia in that sweater dress, hat, and boots! So adorable!! That is definitely some winter cuteness! She looks so big girl in that beautiful dress, sitting by the Christmas tree!

Your boys are also stinkin' cute, and I can see why the girls already love them! That is hilarious! The love note is a keepsake for sure! :)

Praying that you and baby girl are feeling great!

Jason & Shannon said...

Too cute!


Rachel Schell said...

How wonderful!! my sister is trying to adopt. hopefully they'll have their two girls soon. :)

Stacy said...

Just stopped by to say hi!
The piano picture just cracked me up! I showed it to my boys and they laughed because they are just the same with their baby sister. God is so good to us, huh?!

Praying all the time that you are feeling great. Are you going to post pictures of your tiny baby bump? Enjoy this Christmas season.


Robyn said...

What cute pics!!

Genet said...

We just got your Christmas card today. It was so wonderful to see your beautiful family. Lucia has incredibly kissable cheeks! And congratulations on the new little one. Having had a similar journey, we can imagine your shock at discovering your pregnancy. What a miracle! We are so happy for you.
Genet & Mark