Sunday, October 18, 2009

fall stuff. . .

this is a catch up post from the last few weeks. life is so crazy busy for us september - october that i got a little behind on blogging. . so here it goes. . . two of my favorite people holding lucia and emery at the boy's soccer game! this was lucia response when i asked her to smile. . man she is sassy but so fun!

lots of smiles from emery!

i am finally trying to work on the boy's room. it is still the same colors as their nursery and they are turning seven in a couple of weeks. i have been promising them we are going to paint and make it a big boys room! so here is the start of the chalkboard paint wall i only got halfway before a baby was awake so i wrote them a little note! it has been so hard for me to get any projects done outside of taking care of the daily stuff. . . feeding all the humans in the family, laundry, trying not to get turned into cps with cleanliness of the house, coaching volleyball, tutoring and getting everyone where there supposed to be . .piano, taekwondo, soccer, oh yeah and school. so i will post finished pics of their room probably in about 4 years. i have great ideas just not very much time, energy or money. but i love all the little people who live here a lot and our life is beyond blessed!
can you believe her standing watching her brother's game . . she is getting too big. i want my baby girl to stay a baby and to still be in the same spot i set her down for awhile longer.
i always have to snap a picture when aaron is coaching with a starbucks. it cracks me up.
emery is eating more and more solids her favorite is butternut squash.
we went to cat tails when papa and grandma were here for the weekend. the kids had a blast.

lots of morning jammie walks. i love to get the boys off to school then snuggle up the girls and head out to enjoy the crisp fall air and go for a walk.
we went to our friends annual big fall party and keagan had a blast bobbing for apples. . he was soaking by the end.

lucia was in heaven at the petting zoo. so there it is a little random and crazy but that is life around here.

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Lindsay Murphy said...

I love this post! I can't believe how busy you are and you still manage to be the most amazing and attentive mother! You're my hero:)