Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fall 2014

2nd Fall in Oregon. . working hard to make the best of it. . well most of the time. . other times i just cry.
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every sunday we are trying a new awesome portland restaurant, since sunday is our sad day missing church and family.
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smoothie bar after soccer saturday
 photo IMG_8884_zps314c390c.jpg
sunny fall mornings at the bus stop
 photo IMG_8879_zps1a0b3949.jpg
emery catches the bus the earliest at 7:05
 photo IMG_8844_zps89671942.jpg
starbucks dates for late start with the boys
 photo IMG_8919_zps11efc105.jpg
many cross country meets
 photo DSC_0699_zps86e91377.jpg
first lost tooth
 photo DSC_0691_zps176aee81.jpg
 photo IMG_8936_zpsdcc15d19.jpg
soccer tournament in southern oregon
 photo IMG_8959_zpsaa5cb3e9.jpg
lucia's new bestie at the pumpkin patch
 photo IMG_8971_zps90cc168e.jpg
first middle school dance
 photo IMG_9078_zps93b611af.jpg
happy hour sushi
 photo IMG_9102_zpsc421622a.jpg
50 middle school kids in our living room for wyldlife
 photo IMG_9120_zps11cedf25.jpg
 photo IMG_8934_zpscd42e880.jpg
all missing the same tooth
 photo IMG_8980_zps90c50863.jpg
sweet niece was born!
 photo IMG_9067_zps4ca3b772.jpg
first year coaching the CAVS - 5th in state
 photo IMG_9044_zpsf26809e2.jpg
 photo IMG_9028_zps98d0cb7d.jpg
 photo IMG_9293_zps15e0056e.jpg
girls fall trip to spokane - fun time with cousins and grampy and grammy

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