Thursday, June 12, 2014

May. . . 2014

may really feels like may . . wildflowers, bike riding, sun and rain! it is almost summer!

 photo DSC_0705_zps6e18eceb.jpg
 photo DSC_0761_zps9c746c20.jpg
 photo DSC_0731_zps1b49c13e.jpg
 photo DSC_0708_zps495cf1cd.jpg
 photo IMG_7724_zps657a2eed.jpg
kindergarten round-up - our baby girl is going to kinder next year! 
 photo IMG_7722_zps262da5c2.jpg
the girls found a snake and loved it! the boys were scared:)
 photo IMG_7721_zps5bc67c81.jpg

 photo IMG_7654_zpsc4f6f069.jpg
 photo IMG_7645_zps49387bf2.jpg
 photo DSC_0707_zps9cc3d6cc.jpg
what says spring more than wildflowers and neon unicorn helmets. 

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