Sunday, May 20, 2007

Week 4 waiting for referral

Spring Break in Salem!

We are still waiting for our sweet baby to be born. It is has been 4 weeks, but whose counting.
The waiting is exciting and a little hard at times. Our case manager warned us it might look more like 8-12 weeks before we get the call that she has been born. We are praying for her and her birth mom. What a courageous decision her birth mom will make. I can't even begin to imagine the pain of giving up my baby. We pray for our daughter's birth mother often.
We have had a very busy May. . . the biggest news being Aaron leaving Young Life after 12 years. We may have officially left YL staff but YL has a way of making anyone who comes in contact with the ministry "lifers." We will always be involved in some capacity. He started his new job at DAA Northest last Tuesday. He has loved the challenge and loves the people, and hates the commute. Saturdays have been filled with T-ball games and soccer games. The boys have loved both sports. I can't wait for Basketball in the Fall! Every afternoon we pick a new park to visit with our scooters, big wheels and bag of many balls in tow. Oh, the life of boys! Soooooooo much energy! They exhaust me daily. The sun has finally showed up in Spokane. I am trying to savior my time with the boys and not focus on waiting for our baby girl. Life will drastically change with a new baby in the home. Here are a few fun recent Spring time pics. The first is an Easter picture with cousin Lauren in Salem. The second picture is the boys wearing Uncle Damian's retro Mead Panther basketball shirts and hats from when he was in gradeschool. They love wearing Uncle Damian's old sports t-shirts and baseball hat collection.
As I am sitting here writing Kinkade just came down with an important question.
"Mommy, what if our baby has a birthday before us than she will be older than us?"
A little hard to explain . . . yet he is so sweet always asking questions about the baby, or creatively thinking of another way to put off bedtime.


Kevin said...

Thanks for letting us be a part of your adoption. It is an exciting time for your family. Love to you all. G and K

Bryan said...

All shall be well. However loathe I am to speak in Christian-ese, I do believe that God has a plan. However, if I know anything about how God interacts with the McMurrays, the plan will probably NOT be something you've expected. One thing we can expect: the new McMurray daughter will have excellent parents and two inscrutibaly genuine and spirited brothers. And a cat. And, according to Keags, perhaps even a dog.