Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008 - Jedi Advent, silk dresses, sparkle stockings, Lightsabers, Salem, and tons of Snow

We had a wonderful Christmas filled with family and friends we love. Here are some highlights from our Christmas. Above is the buffet I just thought it looked cute!
Aaron did Advent devotionals with the boys. . . fire and sitting quietly are not two of Lucia's best things yet. So it was usually during her nap time or after she had gone to bed.

We realized after Aaron started the advent devotional that both boys were in full Jedi Knight costumes. . . classic!
My friend KayC made this adorable ornament for us for Christmas. I absolutely LOVE it! My favorite Christmas decorations are photograph ornaments.
Every year on Christmas Eve the we hide special ornaments - the green pickle and the green frog and now the pink pig for little LuLu. Whoever finds the ornament opens that gift on Christmas Eve. The boys love it and they were so sweet helping Lucia find her ornament. I'm not sure why she is not in this picture. . .she is very BUSY and has lots of stuff to take out of drawers and cabinets and drop around the house in various locations.

All ready for Christmas Eve at Grammy and Grampys and Church.

It was so fun picking out a Christmas dress for Lucia . . I think I returned three dresses before I decided on this one. Last year I sent the dress to Guatemala and she wore it with her Foster Family. We were so happy to have her here with us this Christmas.
Here is Lucia's stocking a sparkle snowman holder with the PB Bling White Velvet stocking. I just couldn't resist. We needed some sparkle and bling on that mantel. So we went for it. Of course a pink fairy princess wand sticking out the top.
The first day the tree was up Lucia walked all the way around looking at all the ornaments and finally reached up and grabbed the Starbucks ornament and kissed it after she had walked right past all the sweet snowmen, angels and other very kissable ornaments. Same thing her Dad would of done!
My favorite gifts every year are the gifts the kids choose for each other. I love taking them shopping individually and it is so sweet to see how they are the most excited on Christmas for their brother or sweet little sister to open their gift. The boys got Lucia a Leap Frog Guitar that speaks English and Spanish and sings all the animal songs.
Christmas morning. . . Santa gifts!
Ta Da. . . .Light up Lightsabers for ALL!

Aaron has spent half his break shoveling and on the roof getting all the snow off. We have had record snow fall this year. It is beautiful, but very inconvenient at times.
Lucia insisted on eating on Kinkade's lap Christmas morning. She loved the Marshmallow surprises which only come out on Christmas morning.

Not exactly what we had in mind for her new Dora bike! She has no fear.
Each year the Long Family chooses names for stockings we try to balance meaningful and fun. Grace chose Aaron and taught us all how to make balls out from origami. It was such a blessing to have Grace and Damian in town for the Holidays. They are pregnant and one month behind us. These cousins are going to be really close in age. . so fun!
Santa Grammy came to read Christmas books on Christmas morning. Lucia did much better with Grammy Santa then the Santa downtown.
The day after Christmas we flew to Portland to spend to celebrate Christmas with the McMurray family. Every time I looked up Lucia had charmed someone else into getting her another Christmas cookie! I couldn't resist this picture.
The boys got new fishing poles from Papa and Grandma for Christmas.

Lucia loved her Cousin Lauren. . .who doesn't she is the sweetest little girl on the planet.
All five cousins!
Keagan is loves to play the piano. He spent lots of time on Grandmas piano trying to teach himself Christmas songs.
All three in the bathtub at Grandmas.


The gFamily said...

What a fun Christmas!! I love the picture ornament! I love Lucia's Christmas dress! I love that all the kids got Light Sabers!! I love that you got tons of snow!! And, I love that Lucia kissed the Starbuck's ornament! Hilarious!!!! Oh, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your decorated buffet! SO glad you included that pic!! VERY FUN!!

I too wished we lived closer! I have been trying convince my hubby to take a vacation your way and conveniently stop by to see you all!!

Happy New Year! Please send some snow and some of Lucia's bravery our way!! The boys would like some snow and Gillian really needs some confidence!! I may regret that statement at some point!! ;)

jonesfamily said...

So fun!!!


Pat and Patty said...

Yeah! an update and new photos...luv them all!
Happy New Year!!!

KC England said...

loved seeing a little "snapshot" of your christmas. all the pics of the kids are just darling. so happy that you love the star ornament. it was very fun to make it for you.

ps. we have the same starbucks ornament! xoxo

Lindsay Murphy said...

Looks like you had a very fun-filled Xmas! I absolutely LOVE the last pic in the tub! I would also love to hear your honest thoughts on all of this snow/ridiculously cold weather:) Lets do coffee soon!

mmsnyder said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas as well! I bet the boys are excited to use their new fishing poles at the lake this summer (I know Chris can't wait...) I didn't think Lucia cute get any cuter, but she does in every post!! Hope you're feeling OK! :)


The Tampiens said...

Great to see your Christmas pics! We miss you guys already!! By the way, are you ever going to post your ultrasound pictures?! :) Love you guys!