Monday, January 12, 2009

Janny and Ryan, First BB game, PJ Day Kinder

It has snowed and snowed and snowed we have gotten over 70 inches accumulated. The boys have had a blast in it. Janny built a snow fort with them outside. Speaking of Janny and Ryan they are BACK from Korea and moved in with us. They are living in our basement. I wish it was finished and beautiful for them. . maybe someday. . . We love having them around they make us smile and they are so helpful!
The boys had their first BB game this weekend. Grampy and Daddy coach. Well. . .. look at the above picture Grampy coaches Daddy drinks his Starbucks. Just kidding they both are great. Dad is in charge of the devotions and Grampy leads on Basketball skills. It is my goal to get a picture of Aaron drinking his Starbucks during the game on each team he coaches. So far I am three for three!

I love that Keagan has my number from HS and college sports. . actually I wish that both of the boys could have my number. I was always #15 for volleyball and basketball! It is the best number in the world!
The boys "Holiday party" got cancelled for a snow day before break. So their thoughtful teacher planned PJ Day last Friday. It was very cute. Here they are off to school.


Keith and Meghan said...

I bet the Sbucks enhances his coaching---he's alert and in the game!!! So funny (and so Aaron!).

The Tampiens said...

Ummmm... I don't mean to point fingers or anything, but I think I can recall a couple Whitworth volleyball coaches drinking Starbucks on the bench. Lucky for you Aaron doesn't carry around a camera! :) Just kidding. Well, sort of. Since I'm just as guilty as you are!!

Tinseth Family said...

Our boys are doing Upward, too. Great program. Jeff Poush (Adam's friend) is in charge of it. Love the PJ's too.

The gFamily said...

Could we get a Janny and Ryan at our house? They sound awesome!

I bet PJ day was so fun! The boys look so cute in their PJs, boots, and North Face jackets!

I think the caffeine can only enhance the coaching! It enhances my parenting on most days!! :) Hilarious!!

colleen flanigan said...

Hi Darcy!
Love the b-ball pix....I've decided that rarely do I see Aaron WITHOUT a starbucks cup. Remember how he tried to hide it in his mitt during t-ball??? :)
Maybe we'll see you at some 'upward' games....Keaton is playing too!
much love, c

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

I have to say, if both of them can't wear your lucky #15, 11 is definitely the next best choice! It has always been our family favorite & my # at Whitworth:).

I love the picture of Aaron drinking Starbucks. What a fun season of life!

The Boggs Family said...

We miss you guys! Tell Keagan great hair cut, that must be recent, right? :) (Was that courtesy of you or Aaron?) :) Hey Darc, how are you feeling?? Do you have any cravings for things? Still pretty tired a lot, or are you starting to gain more energy at this stage? Will the girls share a room or are you already creating a new space to decorate for her? ;) I can't wait to hear some of your name choices... have anything chosen yet? 20 questions here. :) We love you guys. Thank you so much for your sweet comments you've left on our blog. Giant hugs!!

Stacy said...

Just saying "hi" to ya!
I think about you so often. I am just giddy with excitement about your newest blessing on the way.

Have a great week,

Brianna Cooper said...

Hey Darc!!! I hope you're feeling's been depressing checking your blog and seeing the January 12th post for the past few weeks :) Give us some belly updates!! Happy one year to your family!!! xoxoxo

Anne said...

Hey! I lost your blog when my laptop died. I'm so glad I found it again! I missed reading about you guys! The kids have gotten so big. I hope all is well! Stay in touch!

Anne (Natalie's mama)