Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh Names. . .Names. . Names

Okay I wasn't going to share names but for some reason I feel the need to share. We have a list and really have no idea. We are not going to decide until we meet her. . but would love to hear your thoughts! I have to admit I am kind of a name snoot. . I have some very specific guide lines for names.
Here they are ~

1. The name cannot be on the top 100 list (I broke this rule twice with the list below)

2. We love names that are longer and more formal than have a cute sporty nickname. The name has to have a nickname that we love equally as well . . we are a nickname family (I broke this rule twice also so there are exceptions)
For example -

Kinkade - Kade
Keagan - Keags
Lucia - Lucy or LuLu

3. The middle name has to be a family name

Here is our list of names for this new baby girl. I will list the long name first then the nickname.

1. Evelyn - Evey
2. Charlotte - Charley
3. Lillian - Lily
4. Emery - Emmy - (this is a family name)
5. Lola - Lolo ( kind of wanting a "L" name to go with Lucia since the boys have "K" names, but not set on this or limited to "L" names.)
6. Elsa
7. Layla
8. Landrey (this is aaron and the boy favorite name. . I think it sounds like Laundry and I don't need anything else reminding me about the laundry!)
9. Magnolia - Maggie
10. Mirabella - Ella
11. Piper
12 Liberty - Libby
13. Rosemary - Rosie
14. Joyla - Joy ( I love this name and always have but Aaron thinks Joyla sounds like we were on drugs when we made it up)

So there is the list. . we have our favorites but they change everyday. . . I think we need help! Please feel free to add to the list we are still so open to suggestions. Help!


Courtney said...

Here is my 2 cents worth. I Love all the names. My favorite is Lola. I really really wanted Lola for Stella but we thought Lola Starry sounded like a stripper ... HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We liked the ring to stella starry. I LOVE the name Lola so much. Stella calls her grandma LoLo so I LOVE That too. But I love the sound of Lola and Lucy or Lulu .........adorable.

Kelsey said...

Just because your pregnant and I won't be for a long time does not mean you can steal all my favorite names!!!!! :-) The names I want for my hypothetical daughters are Lucy Joy and Emma Grace. But I also love Piper,Ella,Charlotte, and Maggie. Some help I am... said...

I am probably partial because my niece's name is elsa. you could call her "el" if you needed a nickname for it. I love the name mabel and plan to name my girl that one day but you can steal it! you could call her "mae"!
so excited for your new addition!
p.s. I heart your mom!

Mango Ink said...

okay, i am CRAZY for evelyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if i had one more girl, she would be evelyn! can't WAIT to see her!

Keith and Meghan said...

My top pick would be Emery. Keith has a neice named Emery and she is a doll! I also really like Evelyn--I had an Evelyn in my class last year and she was a dream student :) If you're leaning toward the L's my fav is Libby as a nickname. Good luck! And thanks for sharing I love knowing baby names!

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

I absolutely love Lola!! It is the cutest name!!! Can't wait to see "her"!!

The gFamily said...

Oh my, there are a lot of options! I really like Evey, Lily, and Lola! I wonder which of the 14 names she will look like when she makes her arrival. I can't wait!!

demp5 said...

I love Lola.

Susan said...

Ok - remember we have schema for names because of being teachers. So here goes:
Evelyn - me...long story for this year.....
Charlotte/Charley - two of the cutest kinder girls we have this year have these names. Darling!
Lola and Lucy just sounds good!
Maggie. Love Maggie McMurray!
Hope I helped!!! Sometimes being a teacher just makes it worse......

mmsnyder said...


2. Charlotte - Charley
3. Lillian - Lily

Charley is so cute for a girl!! (And no- Im not partial to it because of our puppy ;) ). I have a little girl in my class this year- Lillian- goes by Lily and I just absolutely LOVE everything about her!

Such a hard decision... they are all great and unique!

colleen flanigan said... are my thoughts.
I'm guessing that Lilly must be on the top 100 popular lists because I hear it quite a lot and have also seen it a lot recently at sacred heart in the NICU.....
Emme /emery is really sweet.
Here is one that's not on the list.....
Paisley. I've heard this only once before and think its such a cute name for a girl.
Paisley Mcmurray....LOVE IT!

Pat and Patty said...

I love Lillian with your middle name of choice!!!! But still like Emery or Emerson...You will know as soon as you see her!
Although I still can't rule out Charlie?

ohhhh - Paisley is a cute never ends..

Jennifer said...

I think Emery is a sweet name!

Alisha said...

Sweet Darcy, this is just too fun not to comment on! My favorites are Mirabella, you could call her Bella too which is so adorable and Emery. Everyone here has quite different opinions don't they? It will come to you, when I was pregnant with both Chloe and Hannah those names just settled into my mind during the last week.
You are so adorable pregnant by the way. LOVE to you. Alisha

Anonymous said...

Darcy--I love the names--Elsa is my favorite with Ellie as a nickname. Even though it starts with an E, in sounds like a L. I know you guys will choose a great one-cannot wait!! Rachelle

The Tampiens said...

I LOVE Evelyn and Charlotte, and both of the nicknames that go with them -- those are my two faves! I must confess... if you don't use Charlotte/Charley, we might steal it someday... in 5+ years. :)

Love you guys! Can't wait to meet this little McMurray girl!!!

Bri Cooper said...

1. Evelyn - Evey
3. Lillian - Lily
4. Emery - Emmy
5. Lola - Lolo

these are my favorites :) you have soooo many options!!! I hope the hair color helps you decide!!!

Pineapple Princess said...

Love them all...
My favorites are Evelyn, Lily and Lola.
I can't wait to see what she looks like and what name fits her best!!

Aaaaa! I am so excited for you!!!

The Boggs Family said...

WHAT FUN!!!! OH Darcy, you are so brave to put your list up here... and just cute as can be to share your thoughts/reasons for choosing each of those. Might I just say, GREAT list!!! As soon as I came to Lola, I was giddy, thinking that sounds so stinkin' adorable when you say your kids' names together.... Keagan, Kinkade, Lucia & Lola! It's like, too perfect!! :) Way cute. That is my vote! I'm also a fan of Lillian -- a name Ken & I have thought would be great for another daughter if we had one, we are a fan of that one for sure too! I like the "L" names too for your same line of thinking... but seriously, every name on that list is adorable as are the nicknames & like many have already said, you'll know the right name when you meet her... :) Can't wait! Lots of love to you guys!!

The Boggs Family said...

P.S. Love the fabric you chose for her new bedding!! Went to Top Stitch the other day after reading your post & found some super cute fabric to make an Easter dress for Mags out of. Thinking of going a little BoHo-Chic this season, that will match with the fact that the rest of us will likely be in jeans. hahah. ;) Thanks for the great tip & would love to see their room some day! :) You & your Mom are in a league all of your own -- incredibly creative with vision up the ****! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! She sounds so adorable. We can't wait to see her. I'm pulling for Emery as the middle name. I love your list and couldn't decide on a favorite first. Maybe Lillian. I know it will fit her once you decide. Love to all of you. Mom and Dad