Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rough week for Lucia

The week started off on Monday with the sickest little girl we have ever seen. By Tuesday both eyes were swollen shut and we took her to the doctor. She had a double ear infection, double pink eye, sinus infection, and 102 temperature. He prescribed so many medications I had to make a spreadsheet to make sure we were keeping track. Aaron went out of town early Thursday morning and Thurs. night she fell off the couch while playing with her brother. It did not seem like a horrible fall but she was inconsolable which has never been the case for this tough cookie. She is not a cryer and she gets over hurts way faster than anyone else in the family. I just thought she was so sick and overtired and the fall put her over the edge. Aaron got home late last night and this morning mentioned every time he touched her arm she cried. I checked it and yep she winced each time we touched her left arm. We called a doctor friend and he said we should take her to the emergency for peace of mind. She came home after 5 hours later after lots of ex rays and waiting with a sling and a broken arm. She has an appointment next week to have a hard cast put on. What a week in the McMurray household. Please pray for quick healing. . she is not letting me out of her sight or letting me put her down. At 35 weeks pregnant it is getting harder and harder to carry her. . . I know wha wha she is only 21 pounds. She is really frustrated with the sling and cast so far. She keeps pointing to it and saying, "Oh no, all done!"
Which is how she says - get this off of me! Every time a doctor walked in the room she buried her head in our shoulder and said, "No Way, All done!"
What a week!

Here she is a little happier in her I love Dad jammies which are so cute! This picture was taken last week on a lazy Saturday. Lucia loves the hot tub. I currently can't go in with her being pregnant so it is special Daddy time.



Pineapple Princess said...

Poor Lucia! I will pray that she is feeling better in no time! That's a tough one on mama, too, so I will continue to pray for you, Darcy, in your last few weeks of this pregnancy. You're almost to the finish line!
Feel better, Lucia!!

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable even when she looks sick and hurt. We are praying for you, for a restful Sunday, for healing for Lucia. We love you and miss you so much. I wish that we could be there to help.

Mom and Dad

mmsnyder said...

Poor little Lucia... but I do have to say she is the cutest little thing in a sling I have ever seen!! :) Hope everything gets better soon in the McMurray household!


Susan said...

I am so sorry! She looks cute in that grandkids have all done that. Alex broke her arm in the same way at the same age. Maddie and Hannah both jumped off dressers or were climbing and knocked out a front tooth - at 14 months or 18 months or something!
Being a parent is two will be doing a lot of snuggling and reading books for a while!

The gFamily said...

Oh no! Poor Lucia!! And poor you! I can only imagine what a difficult task it is to hold her at your stage in pregnancy!! I am praying for you both and sending big hugs!!

Pat and Patty said...

YUCK, YUCK, YUCK but how can someone be so cute with all these booboos - Hang in there we love you!!!
P and P

Naslund Family said...

What a week for Lucia! We are praying for a fast recovery...I do think she has the cutest sling a girl could have though :)


The Boggs Family said...

Break my heart to read this one & see those pics of poor Lucia and her broken arm. Love the "I love Dad" pj's too - those are priceless! (GAP?) You get the gold star on the style you pic for your kids!!! Love those pics of she & Aaron together too. Hugs!