Monday, July 27, 2009

More Lucia cuteness. .

One of my favorite blogger friends offered to edit a couple of my photos. She is so talented I jumped at the opportunity. We have followed each other's blogs through the whole adoption journey. She has a gorgeous Guatemalan princess in her family too! Thank you! Thank you . . I love how the pictures turned out. I would love to start editing some of my photos but do not have the margin in my life right now to learn. Here is her blog if you want to check out more of her work -
These last three are not edited but oh so cute!


The gFamily said...

Stacy is seriously amazing!!! Lucia is seriously beautiful and precious and adorable and cute, cute, cute!!

The Boggs Family said...

Oh my word - she really does just ooze cuteness! I cannot look at her pics without smiling. Love you guys & love all your posts!:)

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Wow, Darcy! Could that little girl get any cuter?!!!

Pat and Patty said...

Good Lord! Could she be any cuter!!! Between she and Emery you guys better get your rest cause in about 10 yrs LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

she is absolutely darling.

Susan said...

She just gets more beautiful!
Darc, I am following my heart and going to into a 2nd grade classroom at Madison!!!
You must all be excited about the school year looming. Boys gone all!

Anonymous said...

just checking... she's still the cutest!! but i think it's time to see her in person again!!! what is happening to us? :( love you! -janny