Friday, July 24, 2009

who does she look like?

Some days she looks like Keagan. . . most of her mannerisms are exactly like Kinkade then we think she looks exactly like Kinkade. . other times we pull out my baby pictures and she looks like my baby pictures. We don't know who she looks like. . maybe she is the perfect combination of everyone and just looks like emery pearl!

It is has been a rough mom week. . . . being a mom is exhausting and so hard. I am really working on looking for the good in the days and in each one of my kids. Because it is so easy to be frustrated and focus on all the messes, the weeds taller than me in the backyard, my huge love handles that are sticking around, and all the constant feelings of guilt that I am not doing enough to make fantastic human beings. I have been praying a lot this week because I need his help, patience and strength to make it through each day. I have so much to be thankful for and yet some days it is hard to see it. I have been trying to make a list each day of the good I see in each of my kids and husband so I can focus on it. Here is my list today -
*I am thankful for Keagan and his huge heart. . he loves like no other. He kisses his sisters all day and is so affectionate with his family.
*I am thankful for the gift of nursing emery. . it makes me slow down and relax and just pray for all the kids and my marriage.
* I am thankful for Kinkade's layed back personality. He spends his days content and easy going. This family needs his personality.
* I am thankful for Lucia's JOY she continues to be the happiest funniest little human I have ever known. She makes us all laugh all the time. She can brighten any ones day.
* I am thankful for my husband and how supportive he is of me even when I am high maintenance like I have been.


HewaFam said...

You are an all-star Mom, Darcy. Truly. And, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has to work at keeping a good perspective sometimes. I hope you enjoy your little get away tonight, soak it up! We'd love to get together and play again soon - Isaac keeps asking for Lucia, so cute!! She has obviously made an impression. Love you.

Pineapple Princess said...

They are SO sister and brother! So cute!
I would love to edit that picture for you just for fun, if you're up for it. It's a great picture! I would keep it pretty true to the original, with a touch of retro. Email me if you're up for it.
sdewitt 777 at verizon dot net

The Boggs Family said...

Oh Darc, I am so with you this week in similar feelings of exhaustion, frustration, lots of prayer -- you are so right, being a mom IS hard!!!! Emery is such a beautiful little girl - wow is she ever growing too! Those blue eyes are like dream pools I tell ya! :) Sure adore you guys & logged on tonight specifically to say hi - and then saw you had commented on our blog! Thanks. :) I think you may be one of the few who still even check it. haha. We close on the house this coming Friday (31st) if all goes well. We are on schedule for that, but ya know how things can come up at the last minute that post pone. Ken took the following week off work to spend hittin' the house hard to finish it up so we can move in. (Finish it enough to where we can live there while we work on the rest) I will post pics or email you some once we close. We are super duper stoked & I actually just finished sewing Maggie a duvet tonight for her new room. Not that she's in a bed yet, but her crib converts to a full-size headboard/footboard & I loved the Amy Butler fabric so much I had to make one & may just graduate her to a big girl bed early simply so she can have this duvet in her room sooner than later! HA! :) I have the kids rooms mentally decorated to a T already - which is so much fun for me! We ordered tile, have been picking out countertops, brainstorming landscaping (oh do we ever hear ya on the weeds as tall as we are!!... just took a weed whacker to the backyard over there after getting a notice from the city to do it or they'd send someone out & bill out for it for the fire hazard it was. haha) Anyway, needless to say we cannot wait to get moved in & roll up our sleeves. It's been good, but a total challenge too, living with my parents in the interim. They are super gracious, but life is just - well, you can imagine I'm sure... ;) Miss you guys too & hopefully will see you at church this Sunday. Clara Hook is being dedicated at the 9am service - so that's the one we'll be at! :) Love you guys!

The gFamily said...

Emery does look like Keegan! They are so cute together!!

You are right, it is exhausting to be a mom and most days I feel like I have failed in some way or another! We just have to do our best and know that the Lord has his hand in their lives! You are reminding me to be thankful each and everyday! There truly is so much to be thankful for and they are only little for so long! Thanks for keeping it real!

Oh, and I wanted to tell you that we are friends! :) I tell everyone about my amazing blogging buddy, Darcy and her precious family! :)

The Tampiens said...

We are constantly praying for you in this season of your life. If anyone can do it (and do it well), it's YOU!! Take a deep breath... and maybe a glass of wine. :) We're excited to give you guys a date night this week and come hang out with the kiddos!! Just let me know what night! Love you so much.