Monday, August 16, 2010

oregon coast

every summer we spend a week with the mcmurray family at a water location. this year papa and grandma rented a beautiful house on the oregon coast. it is always such great family time. here are some highlights from the week. . . i love this picture above of papa flying two kites at one time. . . he is such a servant to his family in every way. grandma and papa made it all so special and relaxing for us. . we are so thankful!
emery loves to ride on daddy's shoulders and now has a new trick where she leans over for lots of kisses. they both love it!
lucia loves the beach but is not so sure about the waves.
she has the cutest tiniest feet i have ever seen!
it does not matter the temperature of the water or outside my boys go IN the water and play!
excited for the beach!

a big highlight for all of us especially me. . . the candy store!!!
bridget and kinkade taking their time at the candy store to make the perfect selection.
emery and lucia are so blessed to have two older wonderful girl cousins who love them so much
grandma had a treasure hunt for all the big kids and each one got a new kite to fly at the beach. lucia thought it was fabulous!
every puddle this little girl can find she does and makes a huge mess!
lots and lots and lots of hot tubbing.
we gave the kids popsicles and sent them outside and this is what we found. .. all in papa's truck eating popsicles.
i asked them to do their favorite pose and this is what i got. i love lucia trying to copy bridget. thanks papa and grandma for such an amazing week we all had a blast! i think we have two movie stars in the making:)

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Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

What wonderful memories - at one of the best places on earth! I love reading all the updates - and am so excited that Emery walked at the beach for the first time! For Clara it was at Priest Lake. Must be something about the family gatherings + beautiful places ;).