Tuesday, August 17, 2010

papa and grandma's house

our kids are so blessed that both sets of grandparents have the most spectacular location for their homes! our kids favorite places on this planet are their grandparents houses! here they are above with their sweet cousins in grandma and papa's front lawn. i think this picture shows how much they love it there. . . the sheer joy on all their faces.

lulu walking down the road to join the big kids to pick blackberries. she looks like she is going on 16!
i am noticing i take a lot of pics with emery on aaron's shoulders. . i think it is so sweet and emery loves to snuggle her dad's head.
she is our snuggler. . there is not a better feeling then when your baby girl puts her head on your shoulder to snuggle.
amazing blackberries the kids picked.
so proud of themselves. . .
the walker. . showing off!
to say lucia adores her dad is the hugest understatement these two cannot get enough of each other. he has always called her sugar. . and now she calls him "sugar daddy." everyone always told me there is something really really special father - daughter and it is so true!
grandma's flowers are incredible look at that sunflower taller then grandma!
when emery wasn't practicing her new walking skills she was sitting with a box of crayons and a cup . . putting the crayons in and out of the cups for hours.
we are so blessed to have such amazing grandparents on both sides who love our kids so much and have such amazing homes to be at!


Pat and Patty said...

OH MY!!! Cousins are the BEST!!! The kids are growing every day...and yes the one of Lucy does look like 16 YIKES look out - she is a heartbreaker - They are all sweeter than the blackberries :)

Toni Tralala said...

Oh my gosh! Look at how high those sunflowers are! Your family is so beautiful! Congratulations with Lucia. I saw the transition of her photos and she has grown into a pretty little girl. :)

Be blessed! :)

mmsnyder said...

what great memories... and nothing better then COUSINS!! :)