Sunday, October 3, 2010

haircut finally!

lulu has really really needed a haircut. i have always gone to Blades! so grammy and i took lucia for her first "real" haircut. she was so excited but when we got there she turned into the shyest little girl ever. she never said one word the entire haircut. which is so not like her. . . she never stops talking. it looks so cute!
the final product with Ed!
we went for a special baby sparkle vanilla scone from starbucks on our way home. after she downed the scone i looked back to see this dead asleep!

she cracks me up! first haircut a success!


The Boggs Family said...

DARLING! I am so envious of her awesome, thick hair!!!

Savannah said...

so cute! love the hair cut!
love savannah

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Absolutely darling. I love how serious she was about the whole ordeal ;). And her little shirt is so darn cute too!