Tuesday, October 5, 2010

lots of football and soccer!

the boys have been busy with tons of flag football and soccer they love it! here they are last weekend. . i finally got a few pics without chasing a baby around (she was at grandma and papas for the weekend.) lucia is loving playing with siblings at the games.
the football dance. . . . mmmmm . . we need to work on being humble:)
new fun football friends!
kinkade loves this pic because i told he is too fast for me to get on camera!
they love this picture because kinkade is blocking for his brothers touchdown.

keagan brought the class stuffed polar bear home for the weekend so we got lots of pics with him.
it is so fun watching these boys play. . . loving this stage!


Anonymous said...

oh I remember polar pal! We had him in October too and he ended up at our soccer games and then at Finch Arboretum and had lots of pictures taken in the leaves! :-)
love, kc

The Tampiens said...

So fun! When/where do they play?? We always seem to be driving by Northwood on Saturdays lately (not sure why...), and we always see little soccer games going on! We would love to come watch!! And it would be way better if we knew the kids playing rather than being the creepers who just stop in at some random game. :)

Pat and Patty said...