Thursday, November 25, 2010

big fat greek birthday

here are our big eight year olds! i am way behind posting their birthday celebration. we had a great day celebrating keagan and kinkade. they chose dinner out at Azars a small little greek restaurant in town. here they are showing off their birthday mario shirts for school!keagan with his new globe!
kinkade studying his science experiment.
they were thrilled with their gifts. . . . love this picture of them together.
papa and grandma sent the boy's twenty dollar bills . . i have never seen them more excited. they could not believe it. i guess they have never had twenty dollars. . .
we had so much fun at dinner with uncle bryan, grammy and grampy, the boys godparents' pat and patty, and of course janny and ryan. . . all the boys biggest fans!they requested tres leches cake. it has become the family favorite!lucia can't get enough of ryan! i love this picture of them together.
when we were at dinner grampy wrote an "ode to the boys"
aaron lead everyone to the tune of 'hey soul sister'
ode to the boys by grampy
chorus -
hey hey keagan and kinkade (to the tune of hey soul sister by train)
you are turning eight and that is great

one! was fun crawlin, bawlin wettin, spittin droolin. . .
repeat chorus
two! walkin, talkin, sulkin, feedin self. . .
bathtubbin, school bus mornins
repeat chorus
three! diaper free, back yard free, no more plain ride free. . .
trikin, leggoin, tonkin
repeat chorus
four! mrs. b, front yard free, volleyball practice with mommy,
gymjamboree zoomin in berryland
repeat chorus
five! cool guys, midway guys, no blanket in school guys, wrestling king of the couch, friday night movies. . .
repeat chorus
six! bumblebee baseball, high five through the smoke, lake place likin, poggostick jumpin,
helpin little girl feedin
seven! ball teams. . ball teams every shape of ball teams, boogie boarding, bikin, dynamite youtubin, green belts black belts polka-dot belts, keagan recital practice practice practice until it sounds soooo good!
repeat chorus one last time!

we love you boys so much. . . you bring us so much joy! we are so proud of you!

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The gFamily said...

Grampy is fabulous! I love the song he wrote for the boys!! Happy 8th to them!