Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween was a hit!

these two little girls of mine LOVED halloween. they had a blast all day. our small group came over for a party then we hit the neighborhood to trick or treat. we thought emery would stay in the wagon but no way this kid went to every door. she went into the houses only a few times. she would push her way through the legs of the group and put out her bucket then say "gock you!" when they handed her the candy. so cute!
we can't get over how adventurous and independent this little girl is. she wants to do everything the big kids are doing. i wish i would of gotten pics of the whole group. . we had a lot of little kids. the boys were very helpful and patient with all the little ones. after we came home they went out for big kid trick or treating!
lucia was a star also! grammy made darling halloween outfits for the girls. i love the leggings with fun halloween ribbons! they are almost exactly the same size now. . . . sisters this is a whole new game for us. . . man they are feisty with each other!!!


The gFamily said...

I wondered! So, they are almost the same size! CUTE!! They are precious! Feisty girls... I see that in my near future! That will be a new for us as well!

Pat and Patty said...

uhmmmm - wonder where that comes from ;)