Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas music

keagan played in his christmas recital! grammy took him . . .mom and dad were gone on date/business weekend. grammy and keagan!
all of keagan's fans came to listen to the recital! we are so blessed to have so many dear friends who love our kids. . it truly takes a village. . since mom and dad were nowhere to be found:)
grammy and keagan decorated animals for the reception afterwards to celebrate.
here are all four ready for the boys second grade concert "the incredible reindeer!" the girls were mesmerized watching and i love how the boys still wave the whole time! they knew every one's part and put on a private show for the girls the next morning.
excited to go!
lucia in her first big christmas preschool concert! we had no idea how it would go. . but she was pretty stinkin cute even though she didn't sing one word. just twirled a lot, smiled and giggled. oh, she did a few hand motions! i love all three of her siblings cheering for her and blowing her kisses from the balcony. the boys were so proud of her and emery was thrilled to see her sister down there. she kept yelling " hi lulu!!"
emery watching and trying to do the hand motions. .
my baby girl is getting to big!
there is lulu with her head down praying in the front row. . black and white dress!
hugging or tackling before we left. . . .lucia fell dead asleep in the car on the way down since 6:30 is her bedtime and the concert was at 7:00.
all pretty and ready to go!
the music of christmas it just puts you in the spirit!

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The Boggs Family said...

It does, it sure does!! :) (to your music of Christmas putting you in the spirit comment)... love you guys & loved reading this post. So glad we got to see you - albeit brief - at the program... you guys are amazing & I'm thrilled you & Aaron were able to get away for a weekend. Times like that seem to be increasingly more important once kids come along, don't you think? ;) Merry Christmas to you guys! LOVED your card & have it hanging on our tree. :)