Wednesday, December 8, 2010


here it is the santa photo from 2010. . i love how kinkade is watching his sisters. . . .he is such a thoughtful protective brother! it is a family tradition to go see santa every year! in fact we have a collage up of all the santa pictures since the boys first month of life! i never imagined we would have four kids on santa's lap. . but i wouldn't change it for anything. we thought this would be the "scary santa year" for emery. . . from past experience 1-3 have been the crying years to go see santa. but. . . emery is not scared of ANYTHING! she is our bravest, toughest, messiest kid yet. yep she is more "boy" than twin boys were! she jumped on his lap with no problem and then proceeded to tell him she wanted a baby doll. lucia asked for a purple music wand since the one uncle bryan gave her broke. keagan wants a ipod shuffle. . . wasn't it just last year he asked for a 9.00$ webkin. . . oh keagan! kinkade asked for super mario Olympic sports wii game. kinkade never knows what he wants so keagan usually tells him what to ask for so they can share. kinkade cracks me up he is just happy with people, snow, leaves and the natural joys of life! we hit starbucks afterwards for polar bear cookies it was so cute with them all sitting at a table eating their cookies. . the magic of Christmas is alive and well here!


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The Boggs Family said...

Darc - this is super cute! You're totally right... how sweet is Kinkade to be smiling, looking down at his baby sisters! ;) (only, not so "baby" anymore... look how grown up they are too!) So fun to see you all the other night -- you guys are an amazing family. We love you all!