Saturday, May 7, 2011

adult fun!

we started our time away driving with two of our favorite people on the planet. . who we get to do life with and are so lucky!this post is way late. . but we were blessed to get away with some great friends this winter and had so much fun. we went to Leavenworth and just played!
heidi is so beautiful and the best part she is just as beautiful inside.
the girls and ryan!
morning walk with coffee and mimosas.
they were filming a movie and ryan asked if he could kiss one of the actors. . . life with ryan is always better!
then i got to get away to santa barbara for a girls weekend with two of my bestest college friends. we have a tradition to pick angel cards when we are together.
love mandolyn. . we all searched for heart rocks on the beach to bring home to our valentines.
i felt so refreshed after a weekend away. . and could not wait to get home to see everyone.
and, santa barbara is fabulous. . the food, shopping, the beach and most of all the SUN!!!


The Homemade Renegade said...

How sweet and fun! I love that you have great people in your life, Darcy. It just makes life so much better. One question, what are angel cards??? I think I like it already!

Mango Ink said...

the millers are on the blog!!!! yay! ;) thanks darc. we love you guys so so so very much.