Sunday, May 1, 2011

second grade spring run off winners!

every year the boy's school has a spring run off. every grade level runs throughout their entire recess all week. the run has individual grade level competitions and classroom competitions. keagan and kinkade won last year in first grade and won again this year with one of their best friends. all three tied in number of laps total for the week. they were thrilled and so proud.

the boys had been nervous leading up to the the spring run off, so i told them they do not have to win. . just run for fun. kinkade responded, "it is not fun if you do not win."
oh boy. . they are so competitive!


the tampiens said...

I have to agree with Kinkade on that one... winning IS fun. ;)

Kay C. said...

this made me laugh. Both my girls signed up to be "recorders" and wanted nothing to do with the running....not exactly sporty around here. Hailey was selected to do the recording and was thrilled!