Thursday, August 4, 2011

miracle teeth!

it was a sunny spring afternoon in 2009 and I was holding emery on the front porch as lucia finished her nap and the boys sprinted home from school to shoot hoops. this particular afternoon dunk hoops was the game of choice. i glanced up to see kinkade slam down a reverse dunk- then it was blood and shock from that point on. kinkade was hanging by his front teeth on the net. he fell to the cement and i have never seen so much blood in my life. . . . . later to learn that the mouth bleeds more than any other place on the body since there is no skin protecting it. as i ran over i realized his teeth were barley connected and sticking straight out. the ironic part is keagan was crying harder than kinkade he was so upset and concerned for his twin brother. i immediately called aaron . . . . aaron flew home from work as i held kinkade with a huge ice pack that was filling with blood rapidly. my favorite part of the story is that Aaron took one look at kinkade and rushed in the house. i followed him in to find him almost passed out against the wall - "thanks for the help!"
we then called Dr. Grummons, a dear friend who we respect and adore, who told us to send a quick photo and bring him in immediately. he stabilized the teeth and got kinkade an emergency oral surgery. we learned that both teeth were cracked at the crown and every ligament was torn. Dr. Grummons reported that it would be a miracle if the teeth survived.
i will spare you all the details but Dr. Grummons promised he would care for kinkade as if he was one of his own kids. he prayed for him and us constantly and texted and emailed weekly to check on kinkade. we spent the year taking kinkade to appointments and praying his teeth would revitalize and live.
Dr. Grummons reminds us every time it is a complete miracle that his teeth have survived and they look amazing. Dr. Grummons is incredible if you ever need any orthodontic work GO THERE!!!!! here is the link

praise God for kinkade's teeth and this little miracle that has taught our family that prayer is powerful and God cares about the details of our life. check out this progression of pictures documenting kinkade's journey of his two front teeth this last year and a half! the first picture is september of first grade 2009 when he first lost his two baby front teeth, naturally.
november first grade when the teeth had started growing in.
April 2010, two weeks after the accident. you can see how far his two front teeth stuck out.
he spent most of second grade with braces stabilizing the teeth.
this summer the braces came off and look at our handsome boy!
kinkade was an amazing trooper the entire time never complaining. he thanked God for Dr. Grummons every night and was so tough the entire time.


the tampiens said...

Such a great story! Yay, Kinkade!

The Boggs Family said...

Whoa! I didn't know he'd had that accident! I never even noticed that he had braces (seemingly early?) for a kiddo. Wow! Soooo cool! And holy tamole Darc, oh my are the girls ever going to swoon. Handsome, handsome, handsome...HANDSOME!

ryan & janny said...

Your teeth look awesome Kinkade!!! You are unbelievably tough!!!

Pat and Patty said...

He is gorgeous inside and out!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith and Meghan said...

I am amazed. God is good. And you all are so brave---all that blood, oh my word! I would have been with Aaron almost passing out :)