Saturday, February 11, 2012

sweet moments

i love this photo. . my favorite thing is when all my kids enjoy each other. whenever we start to read it is like a magnet and they all just come and snuggle in. but my very favorite is when the boys read to the girls.
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the girls and i came home to sweet valentine notes from daddy and a really clean house. . it was the sweetest!
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lucia reads her note all day long. . over and over again.
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we have had sunny days and it has been spectacular! the girls run to get our their bikes and chalk.
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every friday night we have pizza night family movie night. we get out the big quilt snuggle up and eat lots of popcorn and watch a movie. love it! the moments are not all sweet believe me but that makes the good ones even sweeter!

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The Boggs Family said...

Sweet, sweet kids. And I think Aaron might just have gotten dad of the year points for that thoughtful Valentine note he left for each of the girls! (and a clean house for you, to boot!) :) Love that your boys read to the girls --- it's no surprise your fam is brought together in reading time thanks to your passion for literacy. :) :) Hugs to you guys!