Saturday, May 12, 2012

oops i forgot emery's birthday interview

i forgot to post this with emery's three year old birthday post. . i came across it tonight.. . and well it just simply needs to be shared. . this little girl is so unique and yet so much like her mom.  i am realizing we have a lot of simular qualities - we both love to put things away where they go, we like to have a plan, we both LOVE babies - like want to grab them from their mothers love them, we both like to be with people not really alone, we both love to organize, and we are both a little stubborn and extremely independent!  i asked her a few questions, so here it goes. . emery three years old! 

emery’s birthday interview - 
what is your favorite food? peppers and salmon
where is your favorite place to go? cupcake store and YMCA
what is your favorite thing to do?  go in boxes
what do you love to do with daddy? play with him and tackle him
what do you love to do with mommy? play with momma before bed

what do you love to do with your brothers? jumping games
what do you love to do with your sister? princess 
what is your favorite color? white, purple, green, blue
who is your best friend? murphy the cat
what are your favorite clothes to wear? anything pink
what do you want to be when you grow up? a player with keagan and kinkdade

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